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Why App Development is Going Micro

Why App Development is Going Micro It’s no secret that growth in SaaS is not as promising as it once was. This is why the next generation of apps are focusing in on core functionalities and eliminating bloated, unnecessary services. There is a name for this new wave of application development: micro apps.

How Digitalization is Transforming Small and Medium Businesses

It’s no secret that digitalization is changing the way we do business. Regardless of industry or market, organizations must embrace digital approaches in order to stay relevant and keep pace with rapid innovation. Though small and medium-sized businesses may think they can avoid the move to digital, in fact nothing is farther from the truth.

How to Align Marketing and IT to Drive Business Value

It’s no secret that technology is a critical part of modern business operations. To increase profits and improve customer experience, most organizations rely on innovative marketing strategies as well. Combining both IT and marketing efforts is one of the best ways to drive business value and make the most of business strategies.

How Mobile, Media and Marketing are Driving the Cloud

When it comes to modern tech, users demand flexibility and responsiveness. That’s what makes the cloud such an ideal tool: it can handle scalability and on-the-spot change. Mobile, media and marketing applications are beginning to take note, making them some of the major driving forces behind the growth of cloud use.