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What We Do

GlowTouch is a technology-driven company, and we have guided numerous clients through the digital transformation, helping them better connect with customers to improve retention and enhance brand stickiness. Our agents become experts on your business, focusing on first contact issue resolution to build user loyalty and trust. This generates new sales that turn customer care into a revenue center.
Along with customer service expertise, we have a depth of technical experience and talent that ranges from engineers to software developers who can work in conjunction with in-house IT teams or an extension of your organization.

Contact Center Outsourcing

Pampering your customers through the entire lifecycle with onshore, nearshore, and offshore options:

Business Process Outsourcing

Streamlining your business and back-office processes to drive greater efficiencies and performance:

Our Story

Our Story

Our story
began in

GlowTouch was founded in 2002 with Three employees. Today, we have a global presence with onshore, offshore, and nearshore contact centers. Meet the company that is small enough to listen, but big enough to act.

Our Journey

Our Mission

Our mission is comprised of three people-centric initiatives:
To develop enduring partnerships by delivering services that continually and effectively contribute to our clients’ growth and success; to establish an employee-friendly environment that promotes open communication, involvement, empowerment, and recognition of excellence; to build a successful company that positively impacts the communities in which we reside.


At GlowTouch, we support the highest level of customer experience by providing the right people, channels, locations, processes, and technologies.

An Uncommon

We promote an internal company environment of open communication, employee empowerment, and recognition of excellence.


Our people-first philosophy also equates to success with a positive impact on the communities where we live, work, play, and serve.

Leading With A Putting People
First Philosophy

Our people-centric culture is exemplified by our winning team of highly
experienced industry experts. We put people at the heart of everything we do for
our employees, our clients, their customers, and the communities we serve.

Vidya Ravichandran

President and Founder
GlowTouch CEO inducted into CCWomen Hall of Fame
Vidya Ravichandran

Tina Hammons

Senior Vice President of Customer Experience

Tina Hammons
Michelle Castillo

Michelle Castillo

Senior Vice President of Corporate Services
Shyamprasad Hebbar

Shyamprasad Hebbar

Senior Vice President of Corporate Services

P.C. Ramesh

Senior Vice President and Delivery Head
P.C. Ramesh

Tammy Weinstein

Senior Vice President of Marketing &
Analyst Relations
Tammy Weinstein
Paul Kuamoo

Paul Kuamoo

Senior Vice President of Continuous Improvement

Jarred Cook

Senior Vice President of Finance

Prakash Devadiga

Director of Accounting

Yogish Pai

Vice President of Technology
Yogish Pai
CA. M. N. Pai

CA. M. N. Pai

Director of Finance
Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Vice President of Client Services

Rick Quinones

Sr. Director of Operations

Rick Quinones

Todd Fishman

Director of Call Center Operations

Todd Fishman
Vikki Karrer

Vikki Karrer

Executive Admin (WBENC Coordinator)

GlowTouch is certified as an NMSDC Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a WBENC Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) with the technological infrastructure and industry experience to deliver the experience your customers demand. Values such as agility, responsiveness, and simplicity at scale serve as guideposts in working to earn your business every day.

Corporate Social

Doing Good by Doing Well

Our people-first philosophy also equates to success with a positive impact on the communities where we live, work, play, and serve.
GT Foundation logo

UN Global Compact &

Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGS)

We are a signatory to the internationally recognized

United Nations Global Compact.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

With locations in three distinct geographical locations, diversity is not a buzzword at GlowTouch. It is part of our everyday reality and it presents unique opportunities. Learn more about how diversity helps to deliver results.

Grow your career as part of our award-winning team

Looking for growth opportunities working with a cutting-edge company that puts people first? You’ve come to the right place.

Our Locations

Our footprint includes our global headquarters and contact center in Louisville, KY; offshore facilities in Mangalore, Bangalore, and Mysore India; and a nearshore presence in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Each location offers unique advantages, giving clients options for a geographical setting that aligns with their business goals and their customers’ support requirements.

Client Testimonials

There is a reason why many of our clients have been with us 10-15 years and longer.

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Office Locations

Global Headquarters

Global Headquarters

9931 Corporate Campus
Dr, Suite 1400
Louisville KY 40223
Global Headquarters

San Antonio, Texas

11103 West Ave
Suite 2101,
San Antonio TX 78213

Dominican, Republic

Dominican Republic

27 de Febrero
Plaza Central
Suite A300
Santo Domingo
Distrito Nacional
Mangalore, India

Mangalore, India

Near Kings Park Layout
Bolpugudde, Kavoor,
Mangalore – 575 015
Karnataka, India
Mangalore, India

Mysore, India

Silver Spirit Tech. Park,
316-318, WAP Factory Rd,
Hebbal, Mysore-570016
Karnataka, India

Pasig City, Philippines

11th floor One Corporate Center,
J. Vargas Ave. Ortigas Center,
Brgy. San Antonio, Pasig City

Our Story

Our journey began in 2002 with an idea – that Putting People First would be the cornerstone for building a business that did well while doing good. This philosophy is interwoven into how we conduct business with clients, how we interact with the end-users whom clients entrust to our care, and how we manage our associates. From an enthusiastic trio at the founding, we have grown into a global enterprise with multiple locations by delivering on that commitment.
We understood the value of the ‘customer experience’ before it became a buzzword. Every interaction our contact center agents have is an opportunity to make an impression and uphold a client’s brand. Whether the issue is tech support, a product question, or a sales opportunity, we remember that on the other end of the call, chat, or email is a human being who wants an answer or a solution. That’s it. Done right, service and support are vital to customer retention. Done at an even higher level, they become revenue streams rather than cost centers.
When clients choose us as their outsourcing provider, the implicit understanding is that we will treat their customers as if they are our customers.  Because they essentially are.  When end-users reach a contact center, they don’t ask if support is done in-house or by a third-party.  In their minds, the agent represents the brand, and how that agent handles the interaction may well determine if the customer remains a customer and if the relationship is deepened.  


As a woman-owned enterprise with employees in three distinct global regions, diversity is part of who we are, and it presents unique opportunities within our industry. As an NMSDC and WBENC-certified business, we are a potential partner for organizations who are pursuing diversity initiatives. As such, we have a similar procurement diversity strategy, which combined with impact sourcing, provides opportunities to often overlooked populations. Our NMSDC and WBENC certifications validates our standing in terms of eligibility; our track record validates the professional expertise that we provide.

CCO - Customer Experience Management

We acquire, retain, delight, and grow your customers across all channels and throughout the customer life cycle, consistently achieving a 98% CSAT. GlowTouch provides multichannel capabilities that include voice, email, chat, and social, with a successful work-from-home model and brick and mortar locations in the United States and India.
Communicate with your customers through their preferred channel: chat, voice/IVR, email, social media, SMS, Facebook Messenger, in-app messaging, and web self-service. More people using more tools more often means more is expected from service agents. Contact center agents are the ‘faces’ of the clients because, for the end user, the person on the other end of the phone or chat or email represents the brand. We have developed a thorough means of understanding the Voice of the Client, using CSAT and DSAT analysis plus other tools.

We were an early adopter in live chat, initiating the channel in 2002. It has since grown in popularity among clients and in preference by consumers. Pro-active chat picks up where bots end; studies show that consumers would rather interact with live agents than with automated chat programs.

Our operations are built to meet the changing expectations of how service should be delivered.
  • Mobile: more contacts for support will originate from mobile devices
  • Social media: this channel has high retention value, plus it’s where consumers live
  • Work-from-home: remote work and remote customer service agents
  • Routing: balancing the increasing complexity of technology with the consumer’s desire for first-call resolution.
Today’s complex technology can create intricate customer care issues, requiring high-touch engagement that delivers first-contact resolution. Premium service without the premium price; that is the foundation for building a culture of customer delight. There are no magic formulas; this is about getting the details right so that our teams can handle the routine interactions routinely and create “wow” experiences. We take the right people with the right skills, then arm them with the right tools and put them in the right places for customer care that’s on time, every time.

Every year, our agents engage in millions of interactions with customers. Millions of opportunities to resolve an issue, answer a question, generate a new sale, and otherwise reinforce the more than 50 client brands that we support. It can be frustrating when an agent cannot diagnose the issue or if customers are kept waiting. We find qualified people and train them on our systems and the clients’, being sure they understand client business goals and how each client defines the customer experience.

Our business is built to deliver value based on each client’s unique needs. Whether generating revenue through presales or support, increasing CSAT and NPS, managing growth, or lowering overall support costs, our service embraces the entire life cycle of customer interactions.

Foundational elements include:
  • Operational Excellence: We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to. For instance, a CSAT score of 85% is considered desirable, but what about the other 15%? We will dig through the data to find opportunities that allow for continuous improvement. It may be that reaching 100% is unattainable, but not trying to get there is unacceptable. Every interaction is the most important one of the day; happy customers are also a great source of new business referrals.
  • Metrics, Measures, SLAs: A business adage says that if you do not measure it, then you will not improve it. But more importantly, you have to measure what’s important to your business goals. These critical points of emphasis provide insight into how your users perceive the brand, how satisfied they are with service quality, and any emerging trends. We will comb through the data that flows from each interaction; before that, though, we will work with you to ensure that our team is examining the right data, the indicators through which you define premium performance.
  • Closed-loop Feedback: Our teams do not operate within a silo. If we see an issue or opportunity, we don’t merely point it out; we also provide a plan of action to address problems or capitalize on openings. Clients are not accounts, they are business partners and our success stems from their success. Communication is essential for any relationship to thrive, and a process of regular dialogue keeps us on the leading edge of the customer experience.
Filter out the white noise. Standards get their value from the enforcement that is behind them. Our moderators cut through the volume and velocity of posting activity to:
  • Screen out potentially harmful content
  • Review for fraud and assess for accuracy
  • Sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to
  • Uphold the brand as a trusted site for users
We handle millions of interactions every year for clients; timeliness and efficiency are part of our DNA. Content moderation involves a great deal of analysis, particularly with regard to context, so we work to ensure the quality of this part of the user experience.
  • A 950% sales increase for a tech services company  
  • Exceeding sales targets for a home appliances warranty client  
  • Doubled sales-per-agent and improved retention for a web hosting firm  
Those examples reflect the belief that the best customers are the ones you already have. The proper care and feeding of your loyal users is the best conduit for creating steady growth and a referral army. We understood the value of the ‘customer experience’ before it became a buzzword.

Every interaction our contact center agents have is an opportunity to make an impression and uphold a client’s brand. Whether the issue is tech support, a product question, or a sales opportunity, we remember that on the other end of the call, chat, or email is a human being who wants an answer or a solution. That’s it. Done right, service and support are vital to customer retention. Done at an even higher level, they become revenue streams rather than cost centers.

A fast-growing field is that of Customer Success Manager and many companies put more emphasis on that role than on hiring salespeople. We are already in the mindset of working to ensure outcomes, not merely nurture them. Points like customer retention and recurring revenue are replacing new customer acquisition as strategic goals. Obviously, businesses want to grow, but the reality is that keeping existing customers – and expanding those relationships – is less expensive and brings forth greater lifetime revenue per user that relying on growing the base.

Multiple locations for multiple service and support options. Multi-lingual agents and geographic diversity allow for a customized approach to each client’s unique requirements. There is a gradual evolution underway within contact centers; the dynamic between service providers and end users is shifting. The customer journey has become more experiential than transactional, consumer expectations are much higher, and support teams now perceived as extensions of the brand, as ambassadors who nurture users.

On the service side, customer issues are becoming more complex, the benchmarks for identifying quality talent are rising, and the perception of support as a cost center is changing, as agents add value through cross-sales, up sales, and retention. Increasing skill levels, more highly educated labor pools, and economies of scale make the nearshore and offshore options more attractive. The ability to handle a broader array of tasks bodes well since smaller businesses, even startup companies, are increasingly open to outsourcing. We often think of BPOs being used by companies with substantial consumer bases who will require customer service and support for the long haul. But today’s environment also means project outsourcing as contract models shift and the vendor/client relationship becomes more of a partnership model.

CCO - Customer Care

We manage the entire customer lifecycle, providing the right services at the right time to build user loyalty and improve results. 

Tech support

Skilled in Tiers 1-3, providing high touch engagement that delivers first-contact resolution.

Sales/Revenue Generation

Individual mileage may vary, but we increased per-contact sales for one client by 952%.

Welcome Calls

Set the tone for an enduring relationship of “wow’ experiences with a memorable first impression. 


We go beyond delivering customer satisfaction, creating customer loyalty that results in repeat business. 


Churn is a silent enemy; our total engagement strategy treats every interaction as the only interaction. 

Post-Sales Verifications

The initial sale is only the beginning. Third-party verifications ensure the integrity of the sale, and that both buyer and seller acted in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

Why The Details Matter

We streamline our clients’ business and back-office processes to drive greater efficiencies and performance. We assess, design, and scale processes to achieve your business goals. Our services include the handling of data entry, mining, back-office processing, and managed services.
It can be challenging to manage and update data, but it is vital to ongoing operations and business intelligence needs. We have a long track record of organizing and processing high-availability database systems that are vital to operations. We will also collaborate with you to devise personalized database management systems for your ongoing use.

A high volume of documents means that putting information into your system can take up an enormous amount of budget and staff time, time that your personnel could be spending on core business functions. Our services help to reduce requirements for paper storage and streamline operations. For clients, the usual result is cost savings and improved efficiency. From large volume automation to more routine tasks, our agents are skilled in providing you with maximum flexibility so that you can focus on expanding the customer value chain.
Unearthing trends in consumer behavior and product sentiment, finding factors that impact on retention, and gauging the acceptance of new products or services that are introduced. If it can be measured, this team is capturing the data, then combing it for actional insights. Nothing is more powerful than information, but information is only valuable when it is used to gain insights that can govern sound decision-making. Well-executed analytics provide the empirical support for the tactical activities that produce desired strategic outcomes.

When hundreds, even thousands, of transactions flow through a BPO’s contact centers each day, the sum total is enormous. Each transaction contains numerous data points that reveal what customers value, what issues they face, and how they view the brand. And when coupled with post-contact surveys, there is a combination of both qualitative and quantitative information. Metrics can be tracked in real-time, one-to-one conversations with consumers provide ground-floor feedback, and analyzing the total of those interactions can help to spot trends and get ahead of potential issues. We go beyond just compiling data; our teams sift through it for actionable insights that can be shared with clients.

Data are divided into two categories: unstructured and structured. The latter involves questions like which agent was involved, when did the interaction occur, how long did it last, etc. Those questions apply across all communication channels. The former – unstructured data – is comprised of the specifics of the interaction, such as tone, key words utilized, and level of end user satisfaction, among other things.
Data is only valuable when you can make sense of it, and without properly managing it, the result can be confusion. Our proficiency in indexing and filing means we will handle your data with the same care as our own. We make information accessible and impactful by organizing and categorizing your records into an indexed database. At the same time, we work to minimize the storage space that is needed in order to maximize efficiency in searchable storage and archives.

The completion of an order or sale marks the end of one process and the beginning of several others. From order processing to the delivery of goods to managing returns, our agents are skilled at this critical link in the customer experience chain. We offer technology solutions for traditional and online merchants, and are experienced with various order management systems.

Today’s digital environment means that the entire process can be completed without any human contact. Still, it is people who do most of the tasks and it certainly people who are the final recipients of purchased goods. That means tending to this aspect of the customer journey requires the same care and consideration that went into product design and development, marketing and packaging, and sales. The last thing that any organization wants is to complete a sale, only to stumble on the last mile.

Depending on which research company is doing the study and how it defines identity theft vs. fraud detection, annual losses run into the billions of dollars per year. Detectives often say the best way to catch a criminal is to think like one, and our sheepdogs are ever-vigilant in keeping the wolves who would harm you or your customers at bay.

Our experience includes one client in the identity protection services space for whom we specialize in customer retention, and another client who provides virtual private networks. We developed a proprietary firewall for the latter client, giving users access to preferred sites and accounts while also ensuring individual privacy and security.

The biggest challenge is that there are no starting or ending points regarding security; it is an ongoing effort and bad actors are working every day to create new ways of stealing information and money from you and your customers. Nearly half of all organizations have experienced some type of fraud, so having an experienced partner is vital.

BPO - Content Moderation

In a digital world, your reputation is critical to success; we protect the integrity of client brands while promoting engagement and satisfaction.

BPO - Document Imaging and Archiving

We merge the physical with the digital so that documents can be easily accessed and always available.

BPO - Data Entry/Mining

Accurate and scalable entry to ensure data is there when you need it; back-end intelligence for insight that drives action.

BPO - Document Indexing

Categorize and organize information while also reducing storage space to create maximum efficiency. 

BPO - Order Fulfillment & Logistics

Be sure that the right items are sent to the right recipients in a timely manner

BPO - Fraud & Security

Because malicious actors never sleep, our teams are constantly vigilant about new and emerging threats to vital data.  

IT Skill On Demand

More Than a Contact Center Provider
GlowTouch is more than just a contact center provider. We began as an IT development company and our team include a talented cast of full-stack web and application developers, and engineers. That depth of technical skill is part of what makes the Uncommon BPO.

Not every contact center client uses these resources, but they are available should your business goals change. Technology is ever-changing across all industries and today’s strategy may not meet tomorrow’s goals. When change happens, we are fluent in Systems Integration, Mobile app development, Custom software development QA & testing, Infrastructure & NOC Monitoring.

One challenge of technology is keeping up with innovation. We do that so you don’t have to; whether it’s a new channel for communicating with customers, an app that has to be created, or deep-dive analytics work to be done, GlowTouch is a full-service outsourcing provider that stands ready to say ‘yes.’

“There’s an app for that.” That statement is almost a cliché today as apps exist across the spectrum of industries, promoting convenience, engagement, and a broadening of the customers’ experience. Application development, from conception to deployment, is big business, particularly in the mobile arena. Our team of full-stack developers is skilled in mobile and desktop apps, system migration, cloud integration, and a host of other services not typically associated with business process outsourcing.

This is technology-as-a-service, delivered by experience IT engineers, programmers, and UX specialists. We incorporate two methodologies in approaching this work:

  • Agile development: anticipating incremental development and evolving client requirements that often involve cross-functional teams. Work is often divided into smaller units that can be addressed quickly, usually within a month. Risks are minimized, teams can adapt as necessary, and bugs are addressed and fixed.
  • Waterfall: sequential design that measures progress through readily identifiable steps such as initiation, design, testing, production, and implementation.

Our expertise has become increasingly important in a ‘mobile-first’ design and development world. The proliferation of mobile devices means that almost any project has to begin by considering the smartphone and tablet user, not the laptop or desktop segment. The latter is not ignored, of course, but mobile is the priority. It is becoming almost inconceivable not to have either an app for mobile use or a website that is engineered for mobile use, considering features such as GPS location, cameras, voice assistants, etc. in creating the ultimate user experience.
QA, in particular, has applications for both internal operations and for any new product development that clients undertake. From a contact center perspective, we use automation tools and human intelligence to manage the ongoing cycle of creating and maintaining an error-free customer environment. From ferreting out performance and process bugs to improving system execution and increasing customer satisfaction, we dig beneath the surface to find the trends that impact results.

The second aspect involves client-created applications. Our team can write scripts that let you harness the power of automation so you can focus on core business objectives. Take advantage of the tools; QA can be done manually, but it is time- and labor-intensive, and attempting to keep up with innumerable data points will challenge even the most committed effort.

Questions of testing, meanwhile, extend well beyond asking “will it work?” Of course, it will work. We make sure of that by validating and verifying every feature of new applications, subjecting them to stress analysis, and testing across all devices and platforms. We will work to ‘break’ things so that your customers do not experience that.

The challenge with testing is that includes multiple variables and the rush to get new products into the marketplace can result in taking shortcuts. That’s seldom a sound approach; you can have something done right now or you can have something done right. The 80% solution can be beneficial for introducing new products and seeing them function in real-world environments, but there is the implicit expectation of circling back to address the remaining 20%.

This, of course, means dedicating more time and resources to that project, time and resources that are deviated from the next project. Having us address the remaining 20% means that you can start on the next big thing. We have a long history of debugging new apps and other products; we developed an automation tool for one long-term client, using about 1,500 scripts to uncover thousands of bugs every year across all operations. In the current state of evolving technology, testing is an ongoing task to ensure that products work and play well in changing conditions.
The advent of the cloud has re-engineered what is possible, and we have connected numerous products into that environment. From analysis to deployment to maintenance, we guide you through third-party integration, testing and implementation of in-house software, and database migration. We have been around the cloud since its inception, time enough to become familiar with how to maximize operational efficiency while also managing costs.

The SaaS industry is one in which we are exceptionally strong, and one where our involvement comes from two sides. The Application Development and Engineering Services teams work with clients ranging from health care to data and personal security to meeting platforms to ecommerce. Business customers are no different than individual consumers in expecting quality, personalized service. This is one reason why Customer Success has emerged in the tech industry as a critical part of the service element.

While customer support is primarily about troubleshooting issues as they occur, customer success is more hands-on and pro-active in managing the relationship. An offshoot of this is the extensive process for onboarding new customers that we deploy, including all the organizational departments that will touch the client somehow. The point is that clients are not just hiring agents to answer phones and respond to chat or email inquiries; they are hiring a company with expertise in the full spectrum of customer care, an organization that is trained to spot trends and find areas for improvement.
We perform round-the-clock monitoring for numerous brands with a team that includes members who have been with GlowTouch since day one. That means a deep level of expertise and understanding of our clients’ most critical systems. Whether it’s scheduled downtime or something unforeseen, our team works across departments to keep stakeholders informed during all phases of a maintenance project or an unplanned incident.

This is more than just an IT task; this is a sensitive part of a client’s anatomy that impacts the entire organization. The Command Center team will triage all reported incidents, as well as doing our own monitoring of critical core systems to identify potential issues before they emerge into actual problems. If a pain point emerges, the right people are brought in to address and fix it. This includes communicating with organizational leadership, support, and other stakeholders to ensure a unity of purpose.

Cloud Marketplace Integration

Once your new product is ready, we’ll be there with you to ensure that it works and plays well with other products and platforms. 

Mobile App Development

Do you need an app for that? In a mobile world, our designers and engineers put your products and services at the user’s fingertips. 

Software Development

Our full-stack design and development team will shepherd your project from conception to implementation and beyond.

QA & Testing

We go beyond debugging and sending error reports; our specialists find the patterns behind the bugs and fix them.

Infrastructure and NOC

Infrastructure and NOC management is a new level of outsourcing, one in which the external partner works an extension of the client’s organization.

Louisville, KY

Our new corporate headquarters in Louisville has 12,000 square feet to help accommodate our continuing growth. The space is divided between contact center work and technology outsourcing projects.

San Antonio, Texas

One of the nation’s fastest-growing metros, San Antonio is home to an experienced, bilingual agent pool and a growing BPO industry. In a city famous for “remember the Alamo,” our agents deliver memorable customer service.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Built to accommodate expansion, our contact center in Santo Domingo is home to a bilingual corps of associates who are skilled in tech support, sales, and general customer service. The Dominican Republic has a mature technology infrastructure and is Latin America’s fastest-growing economy, with the BPO sector among the catalysts.


In the heart of Pasig City, this high-rise setting is strategically located with convenient access to transportation and amenities.

Designed with room for expansion, this location is poised for growth and provides us with a tech-savvy, educated, and English-proficient workforce that is culturally aligned with the West.


With two locations and more than 100,000 square feet of production floor space, Mangalore is built to handle programs of all sizes. Agents have access to on-site 24/7 cafeterias and a medica clinic, while visiting clients can stay in hotel-style rooms on the grounds. Both buildings have room for further expansion and served by the technological infrastructure one would expect from a digital city.


A 23,000 square foot center in the growing city of Mysore is our newest location in India. Rich in tradition, Mysore is a favored destination for tourists, drawn by the city’s ornate palaces and heritage structures. It is also a significant education hub with a bustling IT industry that make the city a major software exporter.


A 23,000 square foot center in the growing city of Mysore is our newest location in India. Rich in tradition, Mysore is a favored destination for tourists, drawn by the city’s ornate palaces and heritage structures. It is also a significant education hub with a bustling IT industry that make the city a major software exporter.


A hub of international language capability, our workforce in this market is suitable for any size program with the ability to quickly scale.


One of India’s ‘smart cities,’ this location features a young, educated, multi-lingual workforce and a scalable work environment.


Service delivery has changed by necessity and RemoteAbilityTM is part of that change. The remote office or employee is becoming increasingly commonplace, and some studies show that working remotely can increase productivity and job satisfaction.
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