Sales and Retention

The proper care and feeding of your loyal users is the best conduit for creating steady growth and a referral army. 

We understood the value of the ‘customer experience’ before it became a buzzword. The examples below reflect the belief that the best customers are the ones you already have.

A 950% sales increase for a tech services company

Exceeding sales targets for a home appliances warranty client

Doubled sales-per-agent and improved retention for a web hosting firm

Every interaction our contact center agents have is an opportunity to make an impression and uphold a client’s brand. Whether the issue is tech support, a product question, or a sales opportunity, we remember that on the other end of the call, chat, or email is a human being who wants an answer or a solution. That’s it. Done right, service and support are vital to customer retention. Done at an even higher level, they become revenue streams rather than cost centers.

A fast-growing field is that of Customer Success Manager and many companies put more emphasis on that role than on hiring salespeople. We are already in the mindset of working to ensure outcomes, not merely nurture them. Points like customer retention and recurring revenue are replacing new customer acquisition as strategic goals. Obviously, businesses want to grow, but the reality is that keeping existing customers – and expanding those relationships – is less expensive and brings forth greater lifetime revenue per user that relying on growing the base

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