Repeated studies show that your best customers and the ones who will spend more are the ones you already have. Cultivating a consistent user base is critical for the stability and growth of any business. When existing customers believe in the experience that they’re getting, they will tell others and become one of your best referral channels. Customer satisfaction leads to customer retention, and retention creates loyalty.

Every interaction our call center agents have is an opportunity to make an impression and uphold a client’s brand. This is also where the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty can be measured. Loyal customers not only buy more and buy more often, but they will also often act as unpaid evangelists. Consumers share their opinions about every product and service these days, including yours.

Turn your customers into brand champions through personalized experiences, no matter the subject. Whether it’s a tech support issue, a product question, a check on order status, or something else, we remember that on the other end of the call, chat, or email is a human being who expects to be treated like we would. The customer wants a resolution to whatever the inquiry is about. That’s it. Done right, service and support are vital to customer retention. Done at an even higher level, they become revenue streams rather than cost centers.

Why GlowTouch?

Customer retention leads to user loyalty, turning consumers into brand advocates

Expanding existing relationships creates greater lifetime customer value

Retention comes from satisfaction, which is developed by consistent, quality service

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