Cloud Integration & Migration


The advent of the cloud has re-engineered what is possible, and we have migrated numerous applications into that environment. From analysis to deployment to maintenance, our cloud migration and integration services will guide you through third-party integration, testing and implementation of in-house software, and database migration.  We have been worked in the cloud since its inception, time enough to become familiar with how to maximize operational efficiency while also managing costs.

Whether you’re a global brand or a startup, we help you find the right cloud marketplaces and seamlessly integrate your software into them. We’re what you’d call integration experts, helping companies since the early days of cloud marketplaces. We know how they work, what they do (and don’t do) and how to set you up for success — saving you time and money while helping you reach new customers and drive sales.


What We Do

Analysis & Consulting

We work with you to understand your product, target customers and product goals. Then, we recommend whether or not cloud marketplaces are right for you, which ones are best for you and why.


We integrate and test your product for your cloud marketplaces, ensuring it’s ready for deployment. Because we’ve done this countless times, we know exactly what to look for and how the process works.


We work closely with your support team to effectively and efficiently resolve integration-related incidents and problems. Read more about our suite of customer support services.

Readiness Assessment

We assess your product APIs against the selected cloud marketplace platform, then we compare your APIs to the API requirements of the marketplace. No API? No problem. We have years of experience building APIs.

Certification & Deployment

Prior to deployment, many cloud marketplaces require certification of integration. We take care of the integration certification process, ensuring your product is deployed on budget, on time, in the right location.


Once your product is integrated and deployed, you’ll receive customer feedback and reviews. We use this feedback to optimize your marketplace presence, further enhancing it as APIs and features change.

Why GlowTouch?

integration Migration

Years of experience in managing complex systems

Connections that improve agility, efficiency, and productivity

Keeping your enterprise on the leading of the digital transformation

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