Infrastructure and NOC Monitoring

Infrastructure and NOC management is a new level of outsourcing, one in which the external partner works an extension of the client’s organization.

Infrastructure and NOC Monitoring

A network operations center is most noticeable when it is not functioning smoothly. When a problem arises in the NOC, everyone knows it, internally and externally. An effective management system goes beyond uptime metrics; it also requires a structured framework of best practices that eliminate inefficiencies and minimize threats to performance through a workflow that is agile and responsive.

Our Remote Monitoring and IT Operations Services

Lead to an interrupted availability of services for your clients.

Watching over the health of your IT infrastructure in real-time

Addressing server alerts

Coordinating incident management

Change administration

Capacity handling

As computing is increasingly cloud-based, outsourcing NOC management is a viable option. And the issue is about far more than cost; there is also the matter of subject matter expertise. Just as you would not trust a third-party to develop your core product and service, you need to be sure that your outsourcing partner has the technical skill and supporting procedures to oversee this 24/7/365 task.

Why GlowTouch?

Several reasons, to include a diverse menu of services backed by a deep wealth of experience:    

Remote Monitoring Services

Server Health and Application Live Monitoring

Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services

Server Management and Security Administration

Server Security and Abuse Incident Management

Network Bandwidth Utilization Monitoring

Server Deployment, OS installation, Patching and Configuration

Server and Data
Migration Services

Remote Monitoring Team Capability

Deep understanding of Windows and Linux operating systems

Able to conduct regular patch management and system maintenance

Experienced in configuring, troubleshooting, and monitoring large server farms

Experienced in using Zabbix, Nagios, Icinga, Grafana and CollectD

Expert knowledge of cPanel hosting platforms

Hands-on experience in configuring, managing services

Specific Systems Knowledge

Configure and administer server applications such as: Tomcat, Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Postfix, Exim, Dovecot, Bind, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL

Virtualization and cloud infrastructure such as KVM, OpenStack, AWS, and GCP

Container technology (OpenVZ, Docker) and hyper-converged infrastructure (Virtuozzo Cloud Storage)

We are also well-versed on hardware and storage troubleshooting for disk or performance issues, and our team of engineers can help with the automation framework within a server farm.

Experience Summary

Nearly 15 years of experience in server monitoring and administration

Consistently achieved 99.90% uptime across various server & service platform

Currently monitors more than 25,000 servers, including web, mail, backup, storage, virtual and cloud servers spread across multiple data centers globally

Provide services to top US-based hosting brands

Our reactive and proactive server monitoring model, coupled with Continuous Process Improvement plans and weekly reviews, help our clients make informed decisions regarding server infrastructure and capacity management.

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