Onshore, offshore, and nearshore presence

Multilingual agents and geographic diversity allow for a customized approach to each client’s unique requirements. A gradual evolution is underway within contact centers; the dynamic between service providers and end users is shifting. The customer journey has become more experiential than transactional, consumer expectations are much higher, and support teams are now perceived as extensions of the brand, as ambassadors who nurture users.


On the service side, customer support issues are becoming more complex, the benchmarks for identifying quality talent are rising, and the perception of support as a cost center is changing as agents add value through cross-sales, up sales, and retention. Increasing skill levels, highly educated labor pools, and economies of scale make the nearshore and offshore options more attractive for call centers.

The ability to handle a broader array of tasks bodes well since smaller businesses, even startup companies, are increasingly open to outsourcing their contact center. We often think of BPOs being used by companies with substantial consumer bases who will require customer care and support for the long haul. But today’s environment also means project outsourcing as contract models shift and the vendor/client relationship becomes more of a partnership model.

Why GlowTouch?

Consumer expectations are much higher

Agents can handle multiple interactions simultaneously

Support teams now perceived as extensions of the brand

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