Content Moderation

We handle millions of interactions every year for clients through outsourced service solutions; timeliness and efficiency are part of our DNA. Content moderation involves a great deal of analysis, particularly regarding context, so we work to protect the integrity of your brand while promoting engagement. Our work includes:

eCommerce portal

  • Getting the right content
  • Optimizing sites in consultation with merchants and consumers
  • Creating ecommerce sites
  • Developing scraper / migration tools to clean and reformat text and images

Web hosting client

  • Daily research on web hosting prices to keep client competitive
  • Price/feature comparisons of this client’s competitors
  • Setting the conditions for evidence-based decisions

Online marketing client

  • Technical support agents engage with users on customer forums
  • Mixing content moderation with customer support for a holistic experience
  • Solid answers + active participation = limited need for policing posts

Our operations are built to meet the changing expectations of how service should be delivered.


More contacts for support will originate from mobile devices

Social Media

This channel has high retention value, plus it’s where consumers live


Remote work and remote customer service agents


Balancing the increasing complexity of technology with the consumer’s desire for first-call resolution

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