Uniformity of procedure,  consistency of application, and a continuous cycle of review and revision.

These are components of the Center of Excellence, which harnesses skilled personnel, ever-evolving technology, and an ethos driven to perpetually improve service delivery. The CoE analyzes and questions everything – the people, the processes, the products, the performance – to seek out ways of improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Uniform Procedures

While we are driven by a passion to see ways of making things better, we are also pragmatic enough to understand what works.

And when a procedure, training program, or strategy is effective in one of our contact centers, it’s a good bet that the same approach will work in the others. This is particularly important when a client is served by more than one of our locations. The agent in Louisville should be working from the same playbook as the one in Mangalore, Manila, or Santo Domingo, making the transaction seamless and transparent for the end user.

The operational value is in how the routine things are done routinely. Most of what happens on any given day within a contact center is repeated time and again. These are the fundamental tasks from which everything else flows. Doing these things consistently shapes the expectations of both agents and the customers who contact us. Who wants to face the unknown when reaching a contact center? And when there is relative mastery over the small tasks, it creates opportunities to pursue higher-order goals.

Consistent Application

We subscribe to a collection of best practices that are informed by data analysis, and those practices are tested time and again for any flaws or for adjustment to fit customer demands.

Putting them in place successfully requires that training and coaching be standardized across campaigns and across locations. For instance, all new agents undergo a week-long training program that is delivered at our expense, focusing on the value of high-quality customer experiences and the steps that are necessary for their delivery.

Continuous Evaluation

If it cannot be measured, then it cannot be improved. Even best practices follow an evolutionary arc; they don’t simply spring into being on a random day.

It may be reasonable to say that the real work of maintaining excellence begins after the people, policies, and procedures are in place. A tested system of quality monitoring and performing analysis is a necessary condition for ensuring that standards are being met, business goals are achieved, customers are delighted.

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