Pampering your customers through the entire lifecycle with flexible solutions that emphasize the customer experience.

Communicate with your customers through their preferred channel: chat, voice/IVR, email, social media, SMS, Facebook Messenger, in-app messaging, and web self-service. More people using more tools more often means more is expected from service agents. Contact center agents are the ‘faces’ of our clients because, for the end user, the person on the other end of the phone, chat, or email represents the brand.

We understand the Voice of the Customer and use it to deliver ‘wow’ service experiences that build user satisfaction which turns into customer loyalty. Imagine your brand being associated with the type of service that your customers rave about to their friends. What is the value of such testimonials? It’s what our agents are trained to provide by understanding your company and culture and then upholding the brand while also being aware of changes in market conditions and consumer sentiment.

Our contact center outsourcing solutions are designed to meet customers’ changing expectations:


Knowing their names and
service histories

First-Contact Resolution

Timely, accurate, reliable


Consistent quality across all


Take the time to listen

Customer care is more than just technology and channels; at its root, it is about people – an agent interacting with a consumer to answer a question, resolve an issue, manage an order or account, and otherwise resolve whatever drove the person to make contact. Our customer service approach empowers agents to deliver results, hear what customers say, and do whatever is possible or necessary to meet and surpass expectations. Consumer frustration is ordinary; agents who turn frustrated customers into happy product users are the people who make GlowTouch run.

Have you ever been upset with a product or service but received a high level of service that resolved the issue and changed your view of the brand? We do that with our outsourced call center services.

Customer Care (Tiers 1-3)

Increasingly complex technology can create intricate customer care issues, requiring high-touch engagement that We have all been there – there is a problem with a technology or a product, or we have a question about something. What happens in the next few minutes will have a big impact on our loyalty toward that particular brand. MORE...

Tech Support (Tiers 1-3)

Increasingly complex technology can create intricate customer care issues, requiring high-touch engagement that delivers first-contact resolution. Premium service without the premium price; that is the foundation for building a culture of customer delight. There are no magic formulas; this is about getting the details right so that our teams can handle the routine interactions routinely and create “wow” experiences. Our technical support solutions take the right people with the right skills, then arm them with the right tools and put them in the right places for customer care that’s on time, every time. MORE...

Content Moderation

We handle millions of interactions every year for clients; timeliness and efficiency are part of our DNA. Content moderation involves a great deal of analysis, particularly regarding context, so we work to protect the integrity of your brand while promoting engagement.  Our work includes. MORE...

Revenue Generation & Sales

We manage inbound and outbound campaigns, from prospecting and qualifying potential buyers to closing the sale. Our teams can work as an additional sales arm of your organization or provide pre- and post-sales support to help you manage the pipeline, set appointments, and process orders. Sales solutions from GlowTouch are an effective means of scaling based on business needs, reducing overhead costs, improving sales-per-contact results, and using our experience in customer care to build the customer satisfaction that leads to ongoing purchases. MORE...


Repeated studies show that your best customers and the ones who will spend more are the ones you already have. Cultivating a consistent user base is critical for the stability and growth of any business. When existing customers believe in the experience that they’re getting, they will tell others and become one of your best referral channels. Customer satisfaction leads to customer retention, and retention creates loyalty. MORE...

Welcomes & Win-Backs

A fast-growing field is that of Customer Success Manager, and many companies put more emphasis on that role than on hiring salespeople. We are already in the mindset of working to ensure outcomes, not merely nurture them. Metrics such as retention and recurring revenue are replacing new customer acquisition as strategic goals. But getting there is not without effort. MORE...

Onshore, Offshore, and Nearshore Presence

Multi-lingual agents and geographic diversity allow for a customized approach to each client’s unique requirements. A gradual evolution is underway within contact centers; the dynamic between service providers and end users is shifting. The customer journey has become more experiential than transactional, consumer expectations are much higher, and support teams are now perceived as extensions of the brand, as ambassadors who nurture users. MORE...


Delivering exceptional performance from home is an extension of our Putting People First culture. It starts with making sure that every agent has what is needed to be successful - a productive work environment, reliable connectivity, and all of the tools necessary for delivering service excellence. Remote work creates new possibilities in finding and retaining good people by erasing geographic barriers to dive into new labor pools and foster work/life balance and mobility for employees while promoting continuity for us and our clients. MORE...

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