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GlowTouch takes the protection of your data and your customers’ personal information seriously.


GlowTouch takes the protection of your data and your customers’ personal information seriously.

We have numerous industry certifications regarding information security and internal policy measures in place to further safeguard against the misuse of  proprietary or private data.

Client data is separated across virtual local area networks, and we use best-in-class cloud services for the greatest security.

Data encryption is utilized to safeguard sensitive   information, and access controls are implemented to ensure that information is protected based on its sensitivity and regulatory requirements.


In addition to electronic safeguards, physical access to production areas is restricted to those employees who are working on a specific client program or to the IT staff.

Agent computers are configured to prevent the use of external drives, writing instruments and paper are prohibited, and personal electronic devices are stored away during work shifts.

Data Security

is maintained by implementing appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, or alteration. These measures include:

Encryption, access controls, regular security assessments, and incident response plans.

Implemented a data breach response plan that includes procedures for detecting,
reporting, and responding to data breaches.

Notifying the relevant supervisory authorities and affected individuals within the required timelines.

Training and awareness programs to employees are conducted to educate them about data protection principles, their responsibilities, and the importance of GDPR compliance.

Agents are also dedicated to specific client campaigns, and this continuity helps to reinforce adherence to standards.

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