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As The Uncommon BPOTM      ,

We have created an uncommon
approach for reaching into the
military community

Rather than the usual appeal to “hire veterans,”
the SALUTE program is catered to those leaving careers in the military to join the exciting BPO industry.
Military spouses, disabled veterans, and active-duty members of the Guard and Reserves are strongly encouraged to apply.
All armed services immediate family members are welcome to participate in
the employment and training opportunities!

As for our family, GlowTouch has been
a business process outsourcing company,
or BPO, for nearly 20 years. We are
based in the US, with additional offices
in India and the Dominican Republic, and
we are growing. As the Uncle Sam posters
used to say, “we need you!”
Hire veterans

The SALUTE Difference

What makes this program unique is RemoteAbility™,
the key to unlocking geographic and logistical barriers
to employment. This approach also makes work portable,
meaning that an employee whose family is transferred
can take the job with them, too, along with the furniture
and everything else.

This is especially important to military spouses who enjoy working
but whose careers can be impacted by the disruption of periodic changes
of duty station. With SALUTE, that is no longer an issue.

Salute Stars


A salute is a gesture of respect and acknowledgement. We hope
to provide a measure of both with above-market wages in a
growing industry plus employment that includes a career path.
We have a 95% employee retention rate; in other words, people
choose to stay with GlowTouch, and we take great pride
in promoting from within.

Our home state of Kentucky includes five military
installations including two major Army posts – Fort Campbell
and Fort Knox. That has given us an appreciation of the
challenges military families face in balancing service and
home, in adapting to new cities, reacclimating to civilian
life, or living with a disability. The SALUTE initiative
provides a pathway for people in every step of
their military journey.


Inside a Contact Center

Contact center agents respond to inbound requests for IT support, product questions, sales information, and so forth. Our clients range from companies in retail to health care, from insurance to technology, so chances are that your past experiences will find a home with us.
The BPO sector is growing as outsourcing has increasingly become a business strategy for
organizations of all stripes. We provide the training and career growth opportunity;
you provide the enthusiasm and work ethic.
Salute Stars

We are enlisting your participation.

Come join our team.

Salute Stars


Salute Stars
This is a critical aspect of our unique nature as a company. Our motto of Putting People First is exemplified every day by action in the workplace that includes setting employees up for success, away from the office through volunteering opportunities and group activities, and in the community through a wide range of initiatives. We have purposely created an employer of choice by treating our staff as far more than people hired for certain jobs.
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