Data mining & analysis

data Mining Analysis

Unearthing trends in consumer behavior and product sentiment, finding factors that impact on retention, and gauging the acceptance of new products or services that are introduced. If it can be measured, this team is capturing the data and then combing it for actionable insights. Nothing is more powerful than information, but information is only valuable when it is used to inform sound decision-making. Well-executed analytics provide the empirical support for the tactical activities that produce desired strategic outcomes.

Thousands of transactions flow through a BPO’s contact centers each day. Every transaction contains numerous data points that reveal what customers value, what issues they face, and how they view the brand. When coupled with post-contact surveys, there is a combination of both qualitative and quantitative information. Metrics can be tracked in real-time; one-to-one

conversations with consumers provide ground-floor feedback; and analyzing the total of those interactions can help to spot trends and get ahead of potential issues.

Data are divided into two categories: unstructured and structured. The latter involves questions like which agent was involved, when did the interaction occur, how long did it last, etc. Those questions apply across all communication channels. The former – unstructured data – is comprised of the specifics of the interaction, such as tone, key words utilized, and level of end user satisfaction, among other things.

data Mining Analysis
data Mining Analysis

Identify patterns that address business issues

Understand what motivates your customers and learn their preferences

Use the information you have to get ahead of coming trends and consumer expectations

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