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QA Testing

We work to bring peace of mind in delivering software solutions that deliver memorable user experiences. QA is not solely about finding bugs and sending error reports. Our specialists dig beneath the surface to identify patterns and uncover trends to find the source of issues. In other words, we address the problems behind the bugs, so there are no bugs.

Quality assurance works to manage the ongoing cycle of creating and maintaining an error-free customer environment. From ferreting out performance and process bugs to improving system execution, these tasks enhance the final product and the customer’s happiness with it.

Questions of testing, meanwhile, extend well beyond asking “will it work?” Of course, it will work. We make sure of that by validating and verifying every feature of new applications, subjecting them to stress analysis, and testing across all devices and platforms. We will work to ‘break’ things so that your customers do not experience that.

The challenge with testing is that it includes multiple variables and the rush to get new products into the marketplace can result in taking shortcuts. That’s seldom a sound approach; you can have something done right now or you can have something done right. The 80% solution can be beneficial for introducing new products and seeing them function in real-world environments, but there is the implicit expectation of circling back to address the remaining 20%. If time and resources are concerns, we can handle that 20% so that you can start work on the next big thing.

QA Testing

What We Do

Functional Testing

We validate and verify that every feature of your software application works as expected, so your users have a smooth experience.

Performance Testing

Through load and stress testing, we show how your software performs with varying numbers of users and queries, finding its breaking point. Then, we recommend steps to meet user requirements and keep your application running.

Isolation Testing

We get down to the nitty-gritty details of your system, isolating code to identify the hard-to-find issues. No matter how challenging the bug, our experienced team will find it and help you fix it — solving the underlying issues in the process.

Browser Testing

We conduct browser testing with the latest tools, such as Sauce Labs, and are experienced in a range of browsers. We cover all the big ones, such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox, mobile browsers, such as Opera and obscure browsers — even old versions of Internet Explorer. We help you build your app to work on whichever browsers you need to support.

Regression Testing

We ensure new code doesn’t cause bugs with previously released software, so users get new features and you avoid costly re-work.

Configuration Testing

You need software to work on all supported systems. We make it happen. With our own lab, test design and test execution services, we find the immediate and long-term effects of configuration changes on your software’s performance and behavior.

Mobile & Device Testing

Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and big screens — applications now live in an ever-growing variety of environments. Android. iOS. Amazon. Oracle. Wherever your app will live, we’ll make sure it works.

Other Testing Services

  • Security and localization testing
  • Integrated system testing
  • Database and platform testing
  • Component, unit and API testing
  • Globalization testing

Client Spotlight

We’ve helped our client maintain millions of data points to process 1.3 billion gift card transactions each year.

Manual QA & Testing

Think anyone can do manual QA? Think again. We provide both technical and non-technical QA professionals. And all are trained to dig beneath the surface and solve software bugs, so you don’t get reports with the same issues again and again. Over time, we get to know the preferences of your development leads. Do they like to comment out certain code or use a certain workaround? We’ll know the difference between real errors and false positives. And we’ll make QA easy for you, quickly scaling teams up as needed.

Automated QA & Testing

We’ll write scripts, run tests in the background and save you time and money by giving you the best of automation and expert QA assistance. To minimize user impact, we perform scheduled tests while your users aren’t active. Our skilled team has deep experience across a range of automated testing tools, including:

Test Management

hp quality center
Rational team concert
Visual Studio
QA Complete

Test Automation

microsoft test manager
SmartBear TestComplete
Rational performance tester

Performance Testing

smartbear load complete
hp loadrunner
soasta cloudtest

Unit Testing Framework

php unit

Mobile Device Testing

Keynote DeviceAnywhere
Amazon Device Farm
Sauce Labs

Why GlowTouch?

At GlowTouch, we put you first. We give you perceptive, reliable QA at a great offshore value. Our operation is seamless, from hiring and training to QA test planning and execution on through our contract management. We make outsourcing QA and testing easy.
software Mobile App

Exceptional QA Team

Since we started in 2001, our QA engineers have run countless tests to break things, so customers won’t, and many have stuck with us for the long term. Why? Because we treat our people as family and have a genuine culture of delighting our clients. We keep an industry-leading, 10-percent employee turnover rate and frequently have 5+ year client tenures.


We provide you dedicated teams that can be deployed on long-term engagements or scaled up to cover the varied demands of your release schedules. With a team of 1,600 and flexible budgeting that you control, we can grow as your needs grow.

Proven Quality

We combine agile practices with transparent progress tracking, the latest tools, experienced QA engineers and an automated, cloud-based, continuous integration environment. As a result, you’ll always be on the same page with your GlowTouch team and get consistent testing with streamlined costs.

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