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We have all been there – there is a problem with a technology or a product, or we have a question about something. What happens in the next few minutes will have a big impact on our loyalty toward that particular brand.

Service quality is a leading driver of buying decisions, even more so than price. Consumers usually love bargains, but they prefer to have personalized experiences, to be treated like welcome guests, and to enjoy service that reinforces their decision to become customers in the first place.

Customer care covers a wide range of activity – answering questions about products and services, taking orders and processing payments, resolving issues or complaints, handling the details of individual user accounts, and more. Consumers who have positive experiences will buy more, they will buy more often, and many will tell their friends about the pleasant experience associated with your brand. And negative experiences will have the opposite effect.

In our business, there may not be a more valuable metric than first-contact resolution. It speaks to the level of training agents have, their ability to apply that training to individual customer issues, and how they interact with customers in making sure the issue is resolved.

Every brand will experience service issues. The quality of service is defined by how effectively and how quickly issues are resolved. Agents who treat customers as valued people, who ask clarifying questions, and who have positive attitudes can overcome a great deal of customer frustration. There are few things better than resolving a customer’s problem and causing them to have a favorable impression of the brand. That’s service. Perhaps even an uncommon level of service. From The Uncommon BPO™.

Our operations are built to meet the changing expectations of how service should be delivered.


More contacts for support will originate from mobile devices

Social Media

This channel has high retention value, plus it’s where consumers live


Remote work and remote customer service agents


Balancing the increasing complexity of technology with the consumer’s desire for first-call resolution

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