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Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs)

We are a signatory to the internationally
recognized United Nations Global Compact.
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Glowtouch | SDGS

We are a signatory to the
internationally recognized

United Nations Global

Glowtouch | No Poverty
Glowtouch | Zero Hunger
Glowtouch | Good Health and Well Being
Glowtouch | Quality Education
Glowtouch | Gender Equality
Glowtouch | Clean Water and Sanitation
Glowtouch | Affordable and Clean Energy
Glowtouch | Decent Work Economic Growth
Glowtouch | Partnerships For The Goals
Glowtouch | Reduced Inequalities
Glowtouch | SUstainable Cities and Communities
Glowtouch | Responsible Consumption and Production
Glowtouch | Climate Action
Glowtouch | Life below Water
Glowtouch | Life on land
Glowtouch | Peace, Justice and strong institution
Glowtouch | Partnerships For The Goals
Glowtouch | SDGS
The most important SDGs for us, as a first step, are highlighted below, along with the challenges and opportunities that we have with sustainable development in the context of the SDGs.



Glowtouch | No Poverty
Poverty is addressed in two ways – hiring through impact sourcing and training to better prepare people in disadvantaged communities for meaningful careers. For the past several years, about 12% of our workforce in India has come from economically challenged areas. In Louisville, we have partnered with multiple economic development agencies to offer technical skills training at no cost to participants. As our onshore contact center grows, we expect to use the impact method in the States.
Glowtouch | Quality Education
Education: our company foundation sponsors a tech and entrepreneurship initiative for school-age girls in the Louisville area. We have also developed a platform for organizing and managing scholastic events such as science fairs, spelling bees, and other competitions. In India, we built a school where 800 students are enrolled.
Glowtouch | Gender Equality
We are a female-owned company, and there are women in all position categories from agent to manager to Senior VP. We also actively seek out female- and minority-owned companies when contracting opportunities arise.
Glowtouch | Decent Work Economic Growth
We are a female-owned company, and there are women in all position categories from agent to manager to Senior VP. We also actively seek out female- and minority-owned companies when contracting opportunities arise.
Glowtouch | Partnerships For The Goals
As a global enterprise, we have several partnerships, and that BPO and Technology Outsourcing companies embody this goal’s spirit. As our industry has evolved, new regions have emerged as hotbeds of outsourcing. We are on the verge of opening a contact center in the Dominican Republic, which will provide a nearshore presence to add to our onshore and offshore locations.

Countries that have made inroads in the BPO space are keenly aware of the value of lowering or eliminating trade barriers, having a hospitable business climate, and offering a stable, ready workforce. We have been in this industry since 2002, so those things are second nature. Today, we are in growth mode, having enlarged our US presence and preparing to enter Latin America while maintaining steady growth in our Indian locations.
Fair Operating Practices
The GlowTouch approach is to treat others in the manner we expect to be afforded to us. That means ethical behavior in conducting business, whether that the issue is compliance internally or transparency externally. We abide by the appropriate regulations that govern parts of our industry and subscribe to business practices that promote fairness in interacting with our partners.
The company’s culture is based on ‘Putting People First,” and that includes people in the organization and the clients, partners, vendors, and end-users outside of it. Customer care is a people-driven enterprise that carries certain expectations. Social responsibility flows from doing the right things not because someone is watching, but because they are the right things to do.
Impressions and reputations are built on actions, not words. That we are closing in on two decades of operations speaks to how clients perceive our actions, especially those clients who have been with us for several years.

GlowTouch has been providing personalized business outsourcing solutions since 2002.

Our trusted performance and execution are underpinned by a highly-educated, loyal workforce, with innovative solutions crafted by award-winning leadership.








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As a woman-owned enterprise with employees in three distinct global regions, diversity is part of who we are, and it presents unique opportunities within our industry. As an NMSDC and WBENC-certified business, we are a potential partner for organizations who are pursuing diversity initiatives. As such, we have a similar procurement diversity strategy, which combined with impact sourcing, provides opportunities to often overlooked populations. Our NMSDC and WBENC certifications validates our standing in terms of eligibility; our track record validates the professional expertise that we provide.

Louisville, KY

Our new corporate headquarters in Louisville has 12,000 square feet to help accommodate our continuing growth. The space is divided between contact center work and technology outsourcing projects.

San Antonio, Texas

One of the nation’s fastest-growing metros, San Antonio is home to an experienced, bilingual agent pool and a growing BPO industry. In a city famous for “remember the Alamo,” our agents deliver memorable customer service.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Built to accommodate expansion, our contact center in Santo Domingo is home to a bilingual corps of associates who are skilled in tech support, sales, and general customer service. The Dominican Republic has a mature technology infrastructure and is Latin America’s fastest-growing economy, with the BPO sector among the catalysts.


With two locations and more than 100,000 square feet of production floor space, Mangalore is built to handle programs of all sizes. Agents have access to on-site 24/7 cafeterias and a medica clinic, while visiting clients can stay in hotel-style rooms on the grounds. Both buildings have room for further expansion and served by the technological infrastructure one would expect from a digital city.


One of India’s ‘smart cities,’ this location features a young, educated, multi-lingual workforce and a scalable work environment.


A 23,000 square foot center in the growing city of Mysore is our newest location in India. Rich in tradition, Mysore is a favored destination for tourists, drawn by the city’s ornate palaces and heritage structures. It is also a significant education hub with a bustling IT industry that make the city a major software exporter.


Our 28th floor perch over Pasig City district of Manila is ideal for watching the BPO industry’s expansion in the Philippines. Designed with room for expansion, this location is poised for growth and provides us with a tech-savvy, educated, and English-proficient workforce that is culturally aligned with the West.


Service delivery has changed by necessity and RemoteAbilityTM is part of that change. The remote office or employee is becoming increasingly commonplace, and some studies show that working remotely can increase productivity and job satisfaction.
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