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“There’s an app for that.” That statement is almost a cliché today as apps exist across the spectrum of industries, promoting convenience, engagement, and a broadening of the customer experience. Outsourced software development, from conception to deployment, is big business, and we have a wealth of software engineers, programmers, and UX specialists who can provide the type of services that comprise this element of outsourcing.

Our expertise in technology outsourcing has become increasingly important in a ‘mobile-first’ world. The proliferation of mobile devices means that almost any project has to begin by considering the smartphone and tablet user, and later, the laptop or desktop segment. It is becoming almost inconceivable not to have either an app or a website that is developed with mobile use in mind, considering features such as GPS location, cameras, voice assistants, etc. in creating the ultimate user experience.

software Mobile App
Mobile App Development

From Prototyping to Deployment, GlowTouch Provides End-to-End Strategy and Mobile App Development. Helping companies gain business advantages, increase customer loyalty and drive operational productivity.

GlowTouch’s mobile app development team works with mid-market companies to create certified and secure mobile applications. We build for Android, iOS and Windows marketplaces, as well as for mobile-optimized web.

What We Do

Prototyping and Design

Prior to development, GlowTouch works quickly to understand the full vision for your application. After listening to your needs and wants, we provide our opinion and quickly create a highly intuitive prototype for feedback and buy-in. This part of the process helps validate your ideas, establish requirements and eliminate unnecessary delays during development.

Mobile App Testing

GlowTouch embraces rigorous quality control efforts to ensure clients receive superior mobile technology solutions. We conduct QA tests using emulators, real devices and large automated testing platforms, such as DeviceAnywhere and Appium. And we can even implement performance and user experience testing. Ultimately, our quality control process uncovers errors before they reach the end user and ensures all requirements function properly. Read more about our QA and Testing services.


While development may technically end after deployment, we don’t think the mobile app development process ever really ends. Once your application is published, we can work independently or with your product support team to resolve customer questions, requests and issues. This may be the only interaction you have with your customer; we help you get it right. Learn more about our support services.

Mobile Development

Once the requirements are defined, GlowTouch’s mobile app development team starts building your product and integrating it into your existing technology infrastructure, even building the back-end API to support your mobile apps, if necessary. Additionally, we provide a launch plan and strategy for your product, integrating the app with social media or analytics platforms as required. At the end of development, you will have a robust, responsive mobile app.

Deployment in the App Store

We develop our mobile app solutions with deployment in mind. Each app store has different specifications required for approval, ranging from registration, submission fees, assets and even sizing for icons and screenshots. GlowTouch builds all of this into your mobile app during development, but we also review it prior to submission to ensure easy approval. Deployment has never been so easy.


After deployment, we provide ongoing maintenance for your mobile app. Essentially, we turn your product roadmap, user feedback and OS updates into a better mobile app by implementing new features and fixes, extending the life of your application and enhancing your user experience.

Engagement Types

End-to-End Development

If you want turnkey mobile app development for your company, we can provide it. We combine our experience with industry best practices to cover you from prototyping to development, testing, maintenance and support. That’s why we call it end-to-end.

Team Augmentation

Do you have your own internal development team? If so, we can fill the gaps to provide scale, flexibility and efficiency to any specific areas of need. Our expert team quickly integrates with your team’s tools, processes and standards to become one team with one goal.

Client Spotlight

GlowTouch partnered with a client that wanted to take their prototype iPad application to the next level. The iPad application allows restaurants to create custom wine menus based on their wine cellar offerings, and immediately make those available to customers.

Why GlowTouch?

At GlowTouch, we’ve been developing mobile apps since 2007 for a multitude of industries, including retail, healthcare and finance/banking. Our team understands the important role that secure mobility plays for companies of all sizes and in all industries. We guide you through the process of building a sophisticated mobile solution that adds value and delivers convenience for your audience.
software Mobile App

Our People

Since 2001, we’ve organically built an expert team that loves their work, our company and our clients. Many have been with us from the start; they stay because we treat them right and have built a culture of delighting our clients. Our low employee turnover and 5+ year client tenure prove it.


Based on your resource needs – people or financial – we are able to quickly scale to fill any gaps and deliver your mobile application on time and on budget.


We combine agile development methodology, tools to track progress, experienced QC engineers, and an automated, cloud-based, continuous integration environment to develop and support your custom mobile solution.

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