Fraud & security

With more people doing more things online, identity theft is a global phenomenon. Data breaches have exposed hundreds of millions of personal records, costing consumers and businesses billions of dollars and an untold number of headaches. Cybertheft and cybersecurity are engaged in a technology arms race – any innovation that benefits users is also available to those who would exploit it for malicious purposes.

To Customers

  • Phishing scams
  • Fake charity solicitations
  • Govt payments related to COVID

To Organizations

  • Vendor account takeover fraud
  • Fraud committed by vendors themselves
  • Internal fraud

To Operations

  • Increase in customer service tickets
  • Increase payment chargebacks
  • A shifting baseline of what is normal

Our contact centers are PCI/DSS compliant and, depending on location, SOC-2, or ISO 27001 certified. Third parties conduct regular penetration testing that measure the integrity of our systems and procedures, and validate your outsourcing decision. Our team of specialists includes internal auditors, security analysts, a rapid response team, and a policy/compliance team.

In addition to security protocols, all campaigns have dedicated agents, with network data among clients segmented by VLANs, and dedicated space with physical security that can be provided to clients with the strictest requirements.

At the customer level, there are three applications of fraud prevention and customer verification:

Account Monitoring

  • Identity theft and bogus account creation
  • Fake escrow sites
  • Phishing & spam complaints
  • Attempted copyright infringements
  • Malicious website complaints

Payment Fraud Prevention

  • Mismatched billing address/personal info
  • Credit card or address previously flagged in fraud database
  • Multiple accounts using the same credit card
  • Large initial purchases

Identity Verification

  • Location/contact verification
  • Registration verification
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • License verification
  • Background verification

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