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We provide custom software development, product development, systems integration, mobile applications, QA, testing, and network monitoring as part of our Technology Outsourcing suite of services.

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One challenge of technology is keeping up with innovation. When change happens, we are fluent in custom software & mobile app development, QA, systems integration, and infrastructure & NOC monitoring.

Custom Software Development

GlowTouch delivers high-quality, maintainable software on your technology platform of choice. Learn more about how we can design and deploy software at the leading edge to sustain your business. MORE...

Enterprise Mobile App Development

“There’s an app for that.” That statement is almost a cliché today as apps exist across the spectrum of industries, promoting convenience, engagement, and a broadening of the customer experience. Application development, from conception to deployment, is big business, and we have a wealth of software engineers, programmers, and UX specialists who can provide the type of services that comprise this element of outsourcing. MORE...

QA & Testing

QA has applications for both internal operations and for any new product development that clients undertake. From a contact center perspective, we use automation tools and human intelligence to manage the ongoing cycle of creating and maintaining an error-free customer environment. From ferreting out performance and process bugs to improving system execution and increasing customer satisfaction, we dig beneath the surface to find the trends that impact results. MORE...

Cloud Integration & Migration

The advent of the cloud has re-engineered what is possible, and we have connected numerous products into that environment. From analysis to deployment to maintenance, we guide you through third-party integration, testing and implementation of in-house software, and database migration. We have been worked in the cloud since its inception, time enough to become familiar with how to maximize operational efficiency while also managing costs. MORE...

Infrastructure & NOC Monitoring

A network operations center is most noticeable when it is not functioning smoothly. When a problem arises in the NOC, everyone knows it, internally and externally. An effective management system goes beyond uptime metrics; it also requires a structured framework of best practices that eliminate inefficiencies and minimize threats to performance through a workflow that is agile and responsive. MORE...

Data Mining & Analysis

Unearthing trends in consumer behavior and product sentiment, finding factors that impact on retention, and gauging the acceptance of new products or services that are introduced. If it can be measured, this team is capturing the data and then combing it for actionable insights. Nothing is more powerful than information, but information is only valuable when it is used to inform sound decision-making. Well-executed analytics provide the empirical support for the tactical activities that produce desired strategic outcomes. MORE...

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