3 Ways to Improve Customer Support

Customer support is one of the first points of contact a brand will have with its customer. App engagement, brand engagement, and adoption are influenced by the perception — positive or negative — that a customer gets when dealing with a company. Improving that perception is a process, a climb. Below are three tactics you can exercise to improve an overall customer support strategy and move toward higher customer satisfaction.

Incorporate Live Chat

Of all customer service channels, live chat has the highest satisfaction levels. And there’s a simple reason why.

Live chat is, well, live.

It allows your support team to meet your customers at their exact moment of need. It’s instant. And it lets users interact where they are, right on their screen. No Googling for contact information, no crafting elaborate emails to start a conversation. No digging through site pages for a phone number.

All it takes for customers to be heard is to type two letters in a chatbox: “Hi.”

And it saves headaches and costs too. Chat gives your support representatives the ability to easily document questions, usage habits, and other important pieces of data that result from every interaction. Over time, it makes life easier when it comes to spotting patterns, conducting root-cause analyses, and saving money by solving the root challenges. A win-win for you and your customers.

Having your support team monitoring and engaging via social is extremely important when it comes to building a positive brand perception. #CustomerSupport
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Offer Social Support

Social media is widely considered the digital listening, with the vast majority of U.S. adults using at least one social network:

  • 68 percent of adults use Facebook
  • 28 percent use Instagram
  • 26 percent use Pinterest
  • 25 percent use LinkedIn
  • 21 percent of adults use Twitter


This trend has increased exponentially, with social sharing via mobile climbing reaching more than 72 percent. Customers are on social, and through social they share everything. Having your support team monitoring and engaging via social is extremely important when it comes to building a positive brand perception. Incorporating social media monitoring tools into a customer support strategy is a smart strategy. It can allow your support team to engage with your customers soon after they share. This is very useful if a customer is sharing a story about a bad experience. The engagement is public and generates a positive perception from those who observe the interaction. Research your customers and learn what channels they share on, then engage with them on those channels.



Use a CRM

CRM programs like Microsoft Access,, and Oracle all compile important customer information. These can help a brand support team identify an issue faster. They can also help create a system of organization that allows your support team to reference the customer personally, look at past issues, and then monitor the overall customer relationship. With this history, the support team will have some context when dealing with new issues and be able to provide the customer with solutions that are reflective of their customer history. Again, it’s about the customer. Any software that allows a support team to know the customer better will inherently lead to a more satisfied customer.

Brands exist to solve problems.
App conceptualization, planning, and deployment all should center on customer needs and the problems the brand itself is trying to solve. Customer support is no different. It should be considered a natural pillar in building the brand, both because its very nature is geared around solving specific problems and because it allows the brand to connect with the customer in a personal way. Digital engagement allows brands to provide and improve customer support in a way that should not include phone trees and waiting on hold. Companies that understand this will separate themselves as quality service providers.

Get Quality Support

At GlowTouch, we bring an innovative approach to customer technical support. We can not only bring cost-saving efficiencies to your customer support, but we can also turn your support center into a profit center — all while guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Learn why our clients see 250 percent ROI from our customer support services.
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