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Our client is a leading national provider of Healthcare IT solutions that help healthcare companies collect and use enterprise data and actionable insights. Their suite of solutions directly improves patient care by providing data to support treatment plans and streamlining resource management. It efficiently handles processes for healthcare documentation and information management. They also offer healthcare companies revenue cycle management solutions that reduce risk, enhance operations and assist in reimbursement. Through rigorous QA testing and dedicated, hands-on service, we’ve helped them maintain quality and continuous uptime for their core product lines.

We immersed ourselves completely in our client’s business to build a mission-critical QA team.

Guaranteeing Quality. Ensuring 24/7 Reliability.

01 The Challenge

Specialized, 24/7 healthcare QA to address ongoing quality control and ad hoc development projects.

02 The Solution

We provided a hands-on, U.S.-based point of contact and an experienced, India-based healthcare QA team — when our client’s U.S. team goes to sleep, our India team is hard at work.

03 The Results

With our key QA support, this company has delivered scalable, 24/7 reliability for their customers, maintaining critical care functions.

01 The Challenge

In 2015, this healthcare IT company faced a challenge — managing growth while ensuring quality and 24/7 uptime.

Their healthcare IT solutions handle mission-critical care and business functions for healthcare providers. Downtime is not an option; reliability must be uncompromising. With a growing suite of products requiring additional features and quality assurance support, they needed additional QA expertise and manpower. But hiring a full, qualified QA team in-house proved tough because of 24/7 uptime demands, specialty HIPAA and healthcare requirements and the project-by-project, ad-hoc nature of their testing. The company needed someone experienced in managing sensitive patient data and HIPAA compliance who could quickly get up to speed on their products to deliver a 24/7 QA program. No small order.

02 The Solution

At GlowTouch, we have both a U.S.-based office and an efficient, 1,600-person team located in Mangalore, India. And we put both to work for this important healthcare client.

GlowTouch partnered with them to implement an offshored, 24/7 QA team, all managed from our U.S. offices. We sent a highly skilled testing professional on-site to learn the ins and outs of their business, products and customers. Our testing expert immersed himself in our client’s business, built a deep knowledge base and worked with the client’s products on a daily basis, collaboratively building test plans with their in-house team. Using a proven, structured process, we translated his expertise to our India offices to quickly build a knowledgeable, India-based QA team of professionals experienced in navigating HIPAA requirements and terms. Because we’ve become deeply familiar with our client’s needs and can nimbly build new teams, we’ve quickly ramped up additional teams to handle multiple ad hoc projects. Now, they not only have QA professionals available 24/7 to ensure continuous uptime, they have rapidly available, additional QA help as needed — without the pain and high costs of constantly hiring and training new staff. Throughout the process, we’ve provided a U.S.-based point of contact to oversee all work, act as an easy go-between to the India team, streamline IT coordination and time zone management, and ensure requirements and requests are met seamlessly.

03 The Results

To date, we’ve provided manual functional and regression testing on all three of their core IT product lines. We’ve helped them trim costs, save time and ensure 24/7, QA coverage. When their U.S.-based QA team goes to sleep, we’re hard at work in India. Our team has:

  • Provided strategic QA direction
  • Fixed a wide variety of bugs
  • Significantly limited defect leakage
  • Vastly reduced ticket count
  • Greatly decreased ticket turnaround times with rapid responses

Today, we’re still supporting this important healthcare IT client with 24/7, India-based QA coverage and are one of their core partners. Due to our success assisting with QA, we now provide services to support other areas of their business.

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