Our GlowTouch team of cPanel experts integrated our client’s simple, trusted digital products into the hosting provider’s control panels all over the world. Facing a similar challenge?


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Our client is a premier website editor that is currently being deployed by the world’s largest hosting companies.

cPanel is a leading web-based control panel that allows hosting providers to effortlessly manage their hosting accounts. GlowTouch used their team of cPanel experts to integrate our client’s trusted digital products into hosting providers’ control panels all over the world.

cPanel customers can create websites utilizing our client’s tools with the click of a button. They no longer have to search elsewhere for a premium website builder.

A Premier Website Builder is Reaching More Customers

01 The Challenge

Our client wished to expand its reach to more hosting providers so that more people could easily build websites using their tools.

02 The Solution

GlowTouch worked with the client’s API to integrate their tool into cPanel as well as WHCMS.

03 The Benefit

Exponential increase in our client’s customers and revenue.

01 The Challenge

This technology provider wished to expand its reach to hosting providers and began looking for the most economical solution. Increasing their marketing efforts was one option, but our client wanted a more permanent and surefire solution.

The key to reaching a wider audience was integrating their software onto the cPanel platform. This decision made the best business sense and gave them access to thousands of potential customers.

02 The Solution

Following the decision to integrate with cPanel, our client began searching for a company that could package the software to fit cPanel standards. GlowTouch was the ideal choice due to its status as a cPanel Certified business, as well as possessing a broad knowledgebase of cPanel.

GlowTouch developers performed a detailed study of the client’s API’s to confirm that the interaction with cPanel was possible. Once GlowTouch confirmed that the plug-in could be built, a timeline of the cPanel integration was agreed upon and we fast-tracked the project to ensure a quick turnaround.

As the project progressed, our client decided to integrate the custom plug-in with WHMCS, who provides a simple-to-use billing platform for cPanel users. Their free version of the website builder is somewhat limited, and the WHMCS integration allows a hoster to purchase an upgraded account offering additional customizable website design options.

GlowTouch developed and built the plug-in for the client, while integrating the WHMCS component. This integration allowed hosting providers more flexibility to configure products and prices. The plug-in automatically upgrades the WHMCS feature by making a client API call to acquire product details. Additionally, the WHMCS plug-in automates product configuration, which includes set up for multiple currencies while allowing the customer to upgrade or downgrade website building options.

By adding WHMCS, GlowTouch was able to help our client offer customers a greater variety of website building packages. One user-friendly feature lets them click on an icon on the panel to identify whether that user is a new or an existing user. Another feature is a login button that re-directs straight to the client’s website.

03 The Results

Our client’s integration onto the cPanel interface exponentially increased their customer base. Thousands of hosting providers that utilize cPanel now directly offer their customers our client’s platform as a simple, easy to use website building tool. cPanel customers can create websites utilizing our client’s web building tools with the click of a button, and no longer have to search for a premium website builder.

Our collaboration thrives today with the continuation of several engagements.


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