We helped a software company scale their 10-million website platform and improve customer satisfaction by 20% with outstanding technical support.

Servers are installed using our client’s services.
Websites and web applications run on our client’s platform.
Emails are delivered through the client’s platform each day.
Half of the top 100 hosting providers worldwide use our client’s platform.


Since 2012

Service Provided:

Technical Support


Web Hosting Software

Our client is one of the world’s leading providers of server infrastructure, security and virtualization for web hosting companies, such as With an intuitive control panel and a coding-ready environment, their platform is a top choice for web developers, designers and administrators.

Web hosting providers worldwide rely on them to provide business-critical technical support. So, when the company looked to grow, they needed their technical support infrastructure to grow with them. We had a longstanding relationship helping them integrate several software products, and we took on their technical support too.

We tapped deep ties with Mangalore’s 13 universities to build a world-class, 24-7 technical support team.

Exceptional Support. Satisfied Customers.

01 The Challenge

A growing software company that needed to quickly scale its technical support team, provide 24-7 support and improve customer satisfaction.

02 The Solution

We partnered with them to rapidly build a highly trained technical support team based in India.

03 The Benefit

We improved customer satisfaction by more than 20 percent from 2012 to 2016, saving our client money with offshoring and supporting customer retention in the process.

01 The Challenge

Prior to partnering with GlowTouch on support, the client’s internal group managed support tickets. Like many scaling companies, they didn’t have enough team members to meet ever-increasing support needs. They couldn’t staff a 24-7 support operation, had rapidly growing costs and, due to the complexity of their products, couldn’t continually hire and train a support team with the right level of technical savvy. Given the challenges, the company couldn’t drive customer satisfaction to the excellent standards they expect.

In short, they needed to take action quickly to improve and expand technical support capabilities, so they looked to outsourcing to help achieve their goals. But outsourcing doesn’t just happen. The software company’s needs were too small for most big support outsourcing firms, and most smaller support firms typically can’t deliver the kind of technically savvy staff that was needed. They had to find a partner with strong expertise in hosting and technology that could offer close attention and scale teams up as needed — a rare combination.

02 The Solution

We partnered in tight collaboration with our client to hire and train a high-quality technical support team specifically for them — rapidly, at their size and on their budget.

GlowTouch has worked with a bevy of technology and hosting companies and has a strong understanding of the space. We’ve gained deep hosting experience and knowledge through the years, refining our training processes to build exceptional technology support teams. So, when this technology firm came to us, we not only knew of them and their business, we also understood their customers and their businesses.

To staff a technically savvy support team with strong English proficiency, we leveraged our deep ties to Mangalore, India, a city with 13 universities. We then put new hires through our extensive training programs, which cover not only our proven support processes, but also our clients’ products as well as cultural immersion training to serve North American customers. We offered a scalable arrangement, with a specialized team that would grow as needed. And we managed it all from a U.S.-based point of contact that helped our client easily navigate time zones and the challenges of offshoring.

03 The Results

Within a fast ramp-up period, our outsourced team augmented the client’s existing, U.S.-based support team and achieved near on-par efficiency with the in-house team. Since 2012, our support team has successfully provided 24-7 English language support via email, live chat and over the phone. And we’ve improved customer satisfaction each year, from about 67 percent of customers reporting high satisfaction in 2012 to about 90 percent reporting high satisfaction in 2016. *VSAT% — Percentage of customers who are very satisfied * DSAT% — Percentage of customers who are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied *NSAT% — VSAT% minus DSAT%

In the process, we’ve lifted our client’s brand and customer retention efforts, garnering high customer praise through the years.

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