Our deep experience in business process outsourcing helps keep your business running smoothly.

Back Office

Our Business Process Outsourcing Know-How

To streamline your company’s processes to drive greater efficiencies and performance. We assess, design, and operate your processes to achieve your specific goals. Leverage our expertise and reap the cost savings of outsourced administrative services—you’ll see the difference in your bottom line.

Back-Office Processing

Allow GlowTouch to become an extension of your business by operating back-office functions that can be outsourced to improve performance while reducing costs. Our experts partner with you to assess and operationalize your processes in our center, providing you peace of mind so you can focus on your core competencies.

Data Entry

GlowTouch offers fast, accurate, and efficient data entry services allowing you to meet your business needs at a significant cost savings. Our services can scale to address your demands and ensure your data is at your fingertips when you need it.

Managed Services

We go beyond back-office processes to actually managing a business service to achieve targeted outcomes. Whether it be inventory monitoring, managing your website, or operating another business function, GlowTouch can provide you a team of experts who can help you operate your business.

Database Management

It’s challenging to manage, update, or migrate data, especially because it’s critical to your ongoing business and intelligence needs. We’re experts at organizing and processing high-availability database systems that are vital to your operations. Likewise, GlowTouch will also collaborate with you to devise personalized database management systems for your ongoing use.

Document Imaging and Archiving

Our indexing and archiving know-how lets us easily handle your unclassified, dispersed data. We concentrate information by organizing and categorizing your records into an indexed database. Simultaneously, we strive to shrink the storage space you need to house it, in order to create maximum efficiencies in searchable storage and archives.

Data Mining

In our Information Age, it’s critical to explore, analyze, understand, and act upon the data your business generates. We help you harvest this intelligence to uncover trends, discover discrepancies, and pinpoint revenue opportunities.

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