Vidya Ravichandran and Tina Hammons

Speakers Vidya Ravichandran and Tina Hammons, presenting

The Benefits of Building a Global Business

WBEC Ohio River Valley’s “Catch the Wave” Regional Conference
September 23rd | 10:45 AM

The “Catch the Wave” Regional Conference brings women entrepreneurs together each year to network, learn, and be inspired from one another. The WBEC Ohio River Valley chapter serves women business owners and corporate members from across regions of Ohio, Kentucky & West Virginia. This year’s virtual “Ride the Wave” conference will be a virtual experience, drawing WBE’s from across the region and beyond 40+ corporate members’ buyers and supplier diversity teams.


Have you considered growing your business globally? What obstacles are in your way?

Learn how to face challenges and reap global business benefits from GlowTouch President and Founder, Vidya Ravichandran, and Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, Tina Hammons.


If you are unable to attend and share in their first appearance at the WBEC Ohio River Valley’s “Catch the Wave” Regional Conference, here’s some recommended reading:

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You can always reach out to us with any questions! Let us know how we can help you and your business become a global success.


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