Customer Experience, Operational Excellence, and the Human Touch

A whitepaper by Peter Ryan

Today’s customers are more demanding, less patient, and very likely to switch providers if they are not satisfied. Factor in the increase of channels that end-users use to interact with enterprises, and not only has customer experience management become more expensive but it has gained an unprecedented level of complexity.

For enterprises based in the US, the need to drive better interactions across digital channels is at a crisis point. As more customers choose to connect with firms by way of non-voice channels, having the right partner in place can make a significant difference between a long-term relationship and one that is lost all too soon.

It is in this context that GlowTouch has taken the initiative to disrupt digital customer experience using a platform that incorporates the right talent, modern infrastructure and a positive company culture, all based in an exceptional delivery location.

Read this white paper by Ryan Strategic Advisory about why this approach has proven effective, and continues to help clients ensure consumer loyalty.


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