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As ecommerce becomes further engrained in the culture through increased mobile use, the digital connection now extends inside the store.



In 2018, Forrester Research estimated that 86% of retails sales would occur in physical stores.

Even then, more than half of all purchases were influenced by the digital world.

“Influence” ranges from consumer ratings and reviews to individuals who browse websites but purchase on-site to ordering online and picking up the item in person.

The global ecommerce market had been on a steady upward trajectory for years and then came the pandemic, whose impact has been impossible to miss.

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Despite more intuitive technology and the advances of artificial intelligence, selling often comes down to people. The quality of interactions between consumers and agents is what drives the “wow” customer experience. Our track record includes:

  • A 950% sales increase for a web services company

  • Exceeding sales targets for a home appliances warranty client

  • Doubled sales-per-agent and improved retention for a web hosting firm

  • Being the first outsourcing provider for a global lifestyle brand

Technology has provided consumers with more choice and more information than ever before, and it has also made them more demanding of high-touch customer care. We are dialed into the digital environment, handling issues ranging from balky shopping carts to processing orders to coordinating product deliveries. Scalable solutions that grow with you, plus data that is transformed into real-time insight to enhance the customer experience and support your business goals.

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Consumers live in an omnichannel world: chat, voice, email, social media, etc. Increasingly, the onus on service providers is to provide the channels that their customers prefer. That is part of delivering “wow” experiences. When one of your customers contacts us, service and support become parts of that experience.

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GlowTouch has been providing personalized business outsourcing solutions since 2002. Our trusted performance and execution are underpinned by a highly-educated, loyal workforce, with innovative solutions crafted by award-winning leadership.






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Users love chat, and we have offered it since our inception. Live chat means customers are interacting with agents, not bots, not virtual programs, not artificial intelligence.

Customers can initiate a chat session from anywhere – work or home, smartphone or laptop, without carving out exclusive time. Live chat done right increases conversions, generates positive word of mouth and delights users.

Social Media

There is no question that today’s consumer is plugged in, seldom far away from a smart phone and preferred apps. It’s instant communication among consumers, and also between consumers and their favorite brands. Our agents will:

Social media is a high-retention channel. It is where consumers conduct a great deal of their online activity, so much activity that you may have difficulty keeping up. That’s what we’re here for.


Sometimes, customers want to hear another person’s voice in addressing a service or support issue. Our agents are trained to:

Scalable, redundant architecture minimizes hold times. Our goal is first-call resolution, no matter the issue and no matter its complexity. Our reporting systems record calls and track key metrics that determine agent efficiency and effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Sometimes, customers want to hear another person’s voice in addressing a service or support issue. Our agents are trained to:


There are more smartphones in use than toothbrushes, and there are several messaging apps consumers like. One part of quality service is providing support through the channels your customers prefer

Customers can contact you from anywhere and with text, they don’t have to be online to do it. It’s fast, it’s personal, it’s effective.


Sometimes overlooked, email remains an ideal channel for tracking issues and their resolution. Email is also a workaround to spoken language issues.

Email is great for providing detailed answers to questions, and easily accommodates links or attachments. It also gives customers a history of the transaction while providing us with a unique level of insight into user concerns.


As a a woman-owned enterprise with employees in three distinct global regions, diversity is part of who we are, and it presents unique opportunities within our industry. As a WBENC-Certified business, we are a potential partner for organizations who are pursuing diversity initiatives. As such, we have a similar procurement diversity strategy, which combined with impact sourcing, provides opportunities to often overlooked populations.

Our WBENC Certification validates our standing in terms of eligibility; our track record validates the professional expertise that we provide.


A 23,000 square foot center in the growing city of Mysore is our newest location in India. Rich in tradition, Mysore is a favored destination for tourists, drawn by the city’s ornate palaces and heritage structures. It is also a significant education hub with a bustling IT industry that make the city a major software exporter.


Service delivery has changed by necessity and RemoteAbilityTM is part of that change. The remote office or employee is becoming increasingly commonplace, and some studies show that working remotely can increase productivity and job satisfaction.