Email is that singular channel in which both parties do not have to be present at the same time in order to communicate. Yet, it can be incredibly efficient for service.

Sometimes overlooked, email remains an ideal channel for tracking issues and their resolution. Email is also a workaround to spoken language issues.

Sort and track responses, ideal for analysis

Equally effective when used onshore, offshore, or nearshore

Fits around the customer’s timetable

Email is great for providing detailed answers to questions, and easily accommodates links or attachments. It also gives customers a history of the transaction while providing us with a unique level of insight into user concerns.

Email Support

Get World-Class, 24/7 Email Support You Can Rely On

We seamlessly integrate with your people, processes, and technology. We’ve used most major CRM platforms. And we flexibly deliver the volume and scale you need — from building a 10-person team to adding 200 agents in two months. With our extensive implementation experience, we can go from contract to live in as little as three weeks.

How Can We Help You?

Cut Email Support Costs

We often cut our clients’ costs by 70% with unbeatable efficiency and contact reduction. See how we can cut costs for you.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

With attentive, highly trained teams, smart operational modeling and continuous improvement, we’ve helped clients boost satisfaction by 20%.

Scale Your Email Support

Whether you need to handle more contacts, build an all-star team, grow 50% or improve your service level and strategy, we have you covered.

Drive Sales Through Support

Once we solve customer issues, we introduce new solutions that enhance customer success. Customers get better service; you get sales and renewals.

We Cover the Full Support Lifecycle

Full Support Lifecycle


Customers have questions before they buy. We’re here to help with timely support, making the purchasing process as easy as possible.

Product Support

From login issues and product education to complex troubleshooting, we rapidly resolve tickets and ensure success.

Customer Retention

From increasing renewals to securing long-term contracts after great contacts, we help you retain the customers you’ve already earned.


We make the onboarding process seamless for your customers so they get the most from your products and services on day one.

Billing and Account Management

We’re experts in sensitive issues of bills, costs, plans and packages, and we swiftly manage adjustments, refunds and credits as necessary.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Every contact is a chance to not only resolve customer issues, but also to inform them of different ways you can help them achieve success.

Case Study

How We Helped Our Client Increase Customer Satisfaction by 20%.

Email Support Services

Email Support

We custom-model your ideal email support operation, showing you any tradeoffs in staff size, efficiency, budget and customer success. We evaluate key operational elements, such as tools, contact types and hours, giving you clarity in your decision-making process.


Have phone support? What about chat, SMS and social? No matter which channels you use, we rapidly integrate your email support operations with your existing operation, helping you navigate which contacts go to each channel and delivering excellent support.


We’ve used most major CRM platforms and can quickly integrate our email support with the platform of your choosing. If you don’t have a platform set up, our support experts can help you select one that’s right for your team, enhancing your efficiency and process controls.

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