GlowTouch Founder and Daughter Featured on Cover of Girl Scouting Publication

GlowTouch Founder and Daughter

Fall 2019 (Louisville, KY) – GlowTouch Founder Vidya Ravichandran and her daughter Anjali Chadha, a Freshman at MIT, are featured on the cover of the Fall 2019 edition of “Today’s Family,” a publication of the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana. In the article, the pair discuss Anjali’s founding of non-profit “Empowered,” which helps minority females learn technical skills and connect with female entrepreneurs in the region.

“I wanted to help minimize the negativity minority girls face in their day-to-day lives regarding their abilities and potential in STEM fields,” Anjali says.

Vidya Ravichandran

The 17-year old attributes her  own love for STEM to her family upbringing and schooling. At home, both parents are in STEM fields. Her mother Vidya is the founder of GlowTouch, which provides personalized business and outsourcing solutions.

“With Empowered, I didn’t have to tell Anjali to do it,” says her proud mother. “The things she made a commitment to, she’s done with more joy than the things that I have told her might be good to try.”

Congratulations to our Founder for encouraging not only her daughter’s STEM pursuits, but for supporting and inspiring interest in science and technology for all girls and young women both locally and globally!

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