International Women's Day

We asked our employees across the globe to share with us in a few words and photos their response to this question:
What woman or women inspires you the most?

International Women's Day

Here are their touching stories.

We hope you enjoy reading their heartfelt and inspirational words.

Reshma K. - India

My Amazing Mother

My mother has been with me right from my birth until today; she has guided me and supported me, to help me become what I am today and more. She always says, “I am just a call away from you,” and so, not a day passes without me calling and talking to her.

My mom cooks the best and tastiest food for me. I wonder what magic she has in her hands that even the simplest dish turns out to be a feast for me! Sometimes whenever I see lines of worry on her face, I hug her tightly and say, “God is with us, and He will show us the way. Don’t worry. I am with you, too!”

My Mother is the most beautiful person in the world to me. I am proud of my mom for staying strong as a rock even in tough times and making the sacrifices she has made for me and my sister. My mom is a Super Mom. She always does so much work all day and yet she finds time for everything. She has been as a key to every problem—opening the lock so easily. When I hug my mom, I feel like time has stopped ticking. I feel so loved when I hug my mom. My mother has a very charming smile that takes away all the tensions in me.

I miss my mom when I am away from her. I wait for the weekend, to meet her, hug her and take blessings from her. She has always been there for me in all my times of difficulties, happiness, sadness, and trials. At times she is harsh and strict, but I know she does that to bring the best out of me.

I love my mother the way she is, and I respect her for what she is!

She is ‘My Amazing Super Mom!

Reshma and her mother.

Regina T. - United States

The Women Who Are My Inspiration

Regina with her mother and daughter's photo.

There have been several amazing women in my life who have inspired me…for a lifetime, or for a brief season when I needed it most.

My mom continues to be my life-long inspiration. Even though she’s been gone for 15 years, she’s still a part of everything I do, say, and aspire to become. The parts of me that are good I owe to her greatness.

There’s another woman who I’d like to honor this International Women’s Day. She has become my biggest inspiration because of her determination, selflessness, and can-do attitude amid setbacks and challenges. That woman is my daughter, Katie.

In 2020, she experienced health challenges, job loss, financial stress, and moving—all during the onset of COVID-19. Despite all that happened, her resolve, faith, and selfless spirit continued to shine. She very well could have decided to give up and become bitter, but she made the decision every day to make life better.

Last Fall, Katie experienced a fall of her own. She fractured her left ankle, and badly sprained her right. Though I know this experience has been difficult for her, she has faced her pain, surgery, and lengthy recovery with grace and optimism. I am in awe of her!

Looking back at all Katie has gone through the past two years, I am so proud of her and how she has not let uncontrollable circumstances control her. Most of all, she has not let these setbacks deter her path or diminish her self-worth! Beautiful inside and out, she inspires me to face my own challenges head-on and live each day with thankfulness.

I love you, Katie!


Marc C. - Philippines

Who Inspires Me: Oliff and Jelena

When you both were given to me
My life has turned around
My world centered to you, not me
I’ve sworn a pledge to support you
To care for you
To love you
You both are precious to me
When you arrived, blessings abound
Dad and mom are grateful for thee
I’ll forever be duty-bound to protect you
Enable you
Empower you
Be the best you can ever be
The world has no bounds
Work hard, study hard like a bee
Dad will be here for you
To guide you
To see you through
God loves you so much, and so do I
You are the sunshine of my life! 

Marc with his kids.

Priyanka S. - India

Who Inspires Me: My Mother

Priyanka and her mom.

The female who inspires me in my life is none other than my mother.

A mother is a very special and important person for every child. In fact, she is the most precious gift from God for anyone. My mom, who has actually been ill the past 7 years, has given me the best life by sacrificing health and happiness. 

She always guides me to do the right thing in life and choose the right direction. She lost her son and that grief remains intense in her, but she never shows it to keep me comfortable. She has been always supportive of me through the ups and downs in my life. Her positive attitude and skills have broadened my strength to stay calm during challenging times.

She is an amazing woman. She is the woman I admire the most. I start my day with my mother’s phone call. She is my ‘to do list’ every single day that reminds me what are my scheduled tasks for the day, no matter what. She always prays for me and tends to my likes and dislikes even though she is not appreciated for her sacrifice or hard work.

I sometimes have shown my anger or disappointment, but she was the one who handled it with patience and made me realize what was going wrong and how to get it right. She is the statue of forgiveness and forgives and accepts me after every mistake I commit.

She deserves much credit and praiseworthy applause. Love You, Mom!

Rhea R. - United States

Introducing the World to My Sweet Grandmother

My first memory with her, we sat barefoot covered in dirt planting tulips. My heart was touched then and every day since. Born across the sea in Stuttgart, Germany, she’s faced numerous trials and tribulations before coming to America. Her heroic measures, too many to name, inspire me to want to be just like her.

The love she continues to show touches everyone! Without her, I would not be who I am today. She has taught me what it means to give and receive grace. I have never met a heart so selfless and concerned for those around her, and I hope one day I can help make her dreams come true…mining for gold in Alaska!

From a frontline worker to an almost 85-year-old mother, she is not just my “mammy,” but she is truly my best friend.

Rhea's Grandmother

Sanjeeva R. - India

What Woman Has Inspired Me: Savitribai Phule and Her Works

Savitribai Phule

Born in 1831 in Maharashtra, Savitribai Phule was a social reformer, educationalist, a poet, and one of the foremost female influencers of pre-independent India. She started Satyashodhak Samaj along with her husband Jyotirao Phule and strived for the education and emancipation of women.

She got educated by opposing the orthodox community of those days with the support of her husband and the duo educated hundreds of girls. After her teacher training, she started educating girls by establishing 18 schools. In the 1850s, Savitribai and Jyotirao Phule established two educational trusts. They were entitled: the Native Female School in Pune and the Society for Promoting the Education of Mahar. These two trusts ended up encompassing many schools which were led by Savitribai Phule.

Emancipation: The teaching methods in these schools we different from the traditional teaching and as a result, the enrollment of girls in these schools outnumbered the enrollment of boys in other government schools. She was also an anti-infanticide activist. She opened a women’s shelter called the Home for the Prevention of Infanticide, where Brahmin widows could safely deliver their children and leave them there to be adopted if they so desired. She also campaigned against child marriage and was an advocate of widow remarriage. Savitribai and Jyotirao strongly opposed Sati Pratha, and they started a home for widows and forlorn children.

Poetry: She published Kavya Phule in 1854 and Bavan Kashi Subodh Ratnakar in 1892, and a poem entitled “Go, Get Education” in which she encouraged those who are oppressed to free themselves by obtaining an education. As a result of her experience and work, she became an ardent feminist. She established the Mahila Seva Mandal to raise awareness for issues concerning women’s rights.

Heroic Death: When Bubonic plague hit the Nala Sopara region, she established a clinic for plague patients and ultimately died of the plague treating them.

Commitment: She used to carry an extra saree while going to school as she was frequently targeted by orthodox public with mud, stones, and even dung.
Such is the level of commitment from her, which is still very relevant for all of us even today. 

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