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Study after study shows that customers spend more money with brands that offer chat support. If that’s not enough, chat is also engaging, interactive, and fast.


Users love chat, and we have offered it since our inception. Live chat means customers are interacting with agents, not bots, not virtual programs, not artificial intelligence.

Chat is cost-effective for clients and convenient for customers

Pro-active chat engages users based on their behavior

Chat means immediacy with no automated menus to navigate

Customers can initiate a chat session from anywhere – work or home, smartphone or laptop, without carving out exclusive time. Live chat done right increases conversions, generates positive word of mouth and delights users.

Live Chat Support is Our #1 Channel

Live chat support is our specialty. We’ve run efficient, large-scale, 24/7/365 operations since 2002. We know what it takes to hire, train and motivate chat agents. And we achieve high satisfaction — while delivering up to 200% ROI for our clients through sales support.

How Can We Help You?

Cut Customer Support Costs

Our clients often see 70% cost savings. We save money through efficient support, reducing contacts and a cost-effective offshore model.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

With all-star agents, a rigorous training program and continuous measurement and improvement, we’ve helped clients boost customer satisfaction by 20%.

Drive Sales Through Chat

During chats, we can introduce relevant solutions to your customers. In this win-win process, customers get better service, and you can turn a profit on support.

Scale Your Support

Whether you’re building a 10-agent team or adding 200 reps to a big support operation, we can help. We’ve developed world-class teams for companies worldwide.

We Cover the Full Support Lifecycle

Full Support Lifecycle


We proactively engage customers as they browse your site, boosting sales, sign-ups and appointments with your team.

Product Support

From basic password recovery and product education to advanced troubleshooting, we’re experts in supporting product challenges.

Customer Retention

From turning cancellations into renewals to securing long-term contracts after great contacts, we help you keep more customers.


We make it easy for your customers to quickly get up and running so they get the most value from your products and services.

Billing and Account Management

We’re skilled and experienced in resolving sensitive contacts involving customer bills, plans, refunds, credits and adjustments.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Every chat is an opportunity. Once we resolve issues, we introduce your new offers to your customers, delivering you up to 200% ROI.

Client Spotlight

How We Turned a 24/7 Customer Spoort Operation into a Profit Center

Live Chat Support Services - We Do It All

Chat Support

We model your perfect chat operation, helping you understand tradeoffs between staffing levels, efficiency targets, customer satisfaction and budget. We cover technologies, types of support and concurrency levels too.

Proactive Chat Support

When customers visit your FAQ, KnowledgeBase or product pages, they often need a hand. As they search for answers or browse your products, we proactively start chats, boosting conversions and customer satisfaction.

Pick-Up Where Chat Bots Stop

Chat bots are developing rapidly and can be great for providing self-help resources and driving contacts to the right places. We sync with the logic behind the bots and map support to rapidly resolve issues when bots can’t.

Channel Integration

Using smart CRM integrations and dedicated processes, we mesh chat with your other channels: phone, email, SMS and social. We can also integrate with all of your existing teams to expand capacity and availability.

We’re Compatible with Every Platform

We’ve worked with all the major chat platforms and CRM technologies and can seamlessly integrate with whichever platform you use. Don’t have a platform in place? Our seasoned support experts can recommend the right platforms for your needs, and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

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