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Meet Patience Tarley, One of Our Customer Service Representatives

Patience Tarley

Patience Tarley knows what it is like being part of a large, loving family.

No, we’re not just talking about the GlowTouch family she’s been part of since September last year. We’re talking about her mom, dad and eight siblings. “I am the sixth child of nine.”

Patience left her brothers and sisters, mom and dad, and the only home she’d known in Liberia, West Africa in December 2016 to be with her husband who was already living in the U.S. “There are better opportunities here. We wanted to make our lives easier and achieve our goals.”

Patience is motivated by meeting her goals in her role as a Customer Service Representative at our Louisville location. “I also like being creative and coming up with new ideas to get the job done,” she shared. With prior experience at Humana and other call centers, she heard about GlowTouch and wanted to be part of a growing company. “Bigger and better things are in store for us!”

When Patience arrived in the U.S. almost 5 years ago, she continued her college education by enrolling in Sullivan College. Though she’s not enrolled this semester, she plans to finish and earn her Business Administration degree. Learning is very important to her, especially when it comes to servicing our clients’ customers. “I keep learning new things every day!”

Patience’s Mom and Dad
Patience’s Mom and Dad
Patience Family

Though Patience is far away from her siblings and mom and dad, she talks to them often. She talks to her mom almost every day. “My mother has always been my inspiration. She taught me to be good to people, always smile, regardless of the situation…Always treat others how I want to be treated.”

Patience loves helping others. She treats our customers with exceptional care and lives out the GlowTouch “Putting People First” motto with eagerness and natural grace. We’re so glad you’re part of our family, Patience! Thank you for helping make our company a helpful and friendly place for everyone.

Learn More About Patience Tarley…in Her Own Words!

What do you like about your position here? I like coming to work every day, and I love to help others. I also like the friendly working environment. And I keep learning new things each day!

What led you to working at GlowTouch? I’ve had a lot of call center jobs—sales jobs and worked for insurance companies like Humana. I heard about GlowTouch, about the good pay and good benefits…Being a fairly new company, I saw an opportunity to grow with the company– one step at a time!

What keeps you motivated—in your job, or in life? Meeting my goals and meeting deadlines, getting it done on time, learning creative ideas, coming up with new ideas to get the job done is what motivates me.

What has been a challenge for you to overcome as a woman? I used to care about what people think about me, “What will people say?” I had to overcome that and feel better about myself. I learned to ask for help when I need it. Because someday, people will come to me for help. We need to help one another. Instead of thinking about myself, I learned to think about others. No more letting toxic people bring me down or caring what other people say about me. Now, I feel better about myself.

Do you face any challenges in society today? Sometimes you may have a good idea, but because of who you are, where you are from, people may not listen to you. Because of who you are in society, people may not listen to you or your (good) ideas.

Who has been your mentor or the biggest inspiration in your life? My mother has always been my inspiration, she always taught me to be good to people, always smile, regardless of the situation. Treat others how I want to be treated.

Patience Family
Patience Tarley

Do you have any hobbies? What gives you joy? I like traveling and swimming; I also like making new friends and helping others. I have been to Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia…I was in Cincinnati for a helicopter ride! I had plans to travel (last year and this month), but a lot has been cancelled. My father-in-law passed away recently, and of course, due to COVID-19.

What are your “three words”—words that describe you? Attentive, Communicative, and Creative

What message or inspiring words would you like to share with other women? Never give up, keep on pushing! Always believe you can make it, no matter who you are; always believe in the truth. Once there is life, there is hope!

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