With a transportation agency’s “Ticket to Ride” program growing in popularity, GlowTouch came up with a solution to maintain their data, services and vehicle maintenance records within their government-regulated environment. Facing a similar challenge?


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A regional transportation agency has been cultivating a “Ticket to Ride” program spanning two mid-sized cities for several years. The program gives local residents the opportunity to save significant amounts of money by carpooling, vanpooling, etc. Not only does this form of transportation provide fuel and car maintenance savings, it also lowers auto emissions for cleaner air and a positive environmental impact.

GlowTouch was able to deliver a scalable data, services and vehicle maintenance records platform while adhering to a strict regulatory environment.

Building a Custom Solution to Meet a Unique Need

01 The Challenge

The agency wanted to bring customers more flexibility using the “Ticket to Ride” program, in addition to improving business efficiencies.

02 The Solution

GlowTouch quickly built custom web applications, the first to support the “Ticket to Ride” public-facing website, and the second for use by agency staff on the back end.

03 The Results

Through the custom web application, GlowTouch helped the agency streamline many processes into one resource allowing them to save time, money and resources.

01 The Challenge

The “Ticket to Ride” program began to quickly grow in the vanpooling sector. The number of vans being operated quickly jumped to over 80, and the agency needed a custom solution to maintain their data, services and vehicle maintenance records. They wanted to offer customers a way to form their own van pools, join existing ones and provide a way to view the vanpools currently running. Additionally, they needed a back-end application to track miles and gas consumption for the vans while keeping track of who was using the vanpool and creating invoices for vanpool users.

02 The Solution

The agency began searching for a solution provider that could work within the highly regulated government rules and regulations, and could also quickly solve their growing dilemma. The management team at GlowTouch immediately knew that the agency would be a great organization to partner with.

Once the agency decided to team up with GlowTouch, the collaboration phase quickly began; business documents were gathered and a timeline was developed. Once the analysis phase was complete, the specifications for each module were defined.

GlowTouch built the development and production environments and wrote test cases per the agreed upon guidelines. During development, the client and GlowTouch frequently met so GlowTouch could gather feedback regarding each step of the project. The modules underwent rigorous quality assurance testing in the production environment before being deployed.

Various modules were built to support the “Ticket to Ride” front-facing website, and for back end use by agency staff. The first module, User Management, allows “Ticket to Ride” participants to view routes and the individuals who utilize the routes. It also allows a customer to set up and terminate an account.

The second module, Van Maintenance, lets drivers track van mileage, oil changes, service inspections, etc. It also alerts the administrator when a van hits a specific number and is ready for inspection. Additionally, this module tracks a van in case of a breakdown and knows when to provide a new one to complete the route.

The Billing module allows drivers to enter attendees on the route that day and generates monthly invoices for participants. Once an individual receives their invoice, they can pay via the “Ticket to Ride” website. This module also permits drivers to create expense reports and track fuel card expenses.

The last module is Van Pool Management. This helps individuals create new vanpools specific to their route or join an existing vanpool. This module also restructured the vanpool approval process.

03 The Results

In addition to the module builds, GlowTouch integrated several forms onto the “Ticket to Ride” website. These forms were previously available only as paper copies, so GlowTouch included them in the website which gives easier access to potential vanpool participants. The forms can now be filled out and submitted through the website, eliminating paper costs and waste.

GlowTouch helped its client streamline many processes into one resource by building this web application for the “Ticket to Ride” program. These improvements now give the agency an ability to track and measure data for all segments of the “Ticket to Ride” vanpool program from one central application. It saves the agency time, money and resources that can be utilized elsewhere.

In the end, GlowTouch delivered a high-quality product while staying within the confines of government regulations. Today, the agency and GlowTouch remain strong partners and GlowTouch continues to provide website maintenance.

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