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Cultivating Employee Engagement Through Our Culture Champions

As the company grew and new locations were opened, we needed a means giving life to the GlowTouch culture and shrinking the distance among global locations. The Culture Champions program was initiative to celebrate team member successes, create avenues of community involvement, and positively affect employee engagement. Culture champions are advocates for the organization, its people, on- and off-site events, and they work to instill a sense of pride and ownership among staff members. They plan and execute a host of activities, from geo-based events to spirited company-wide celebrations, contests, and clubs.

United States Events

1st Class Graduation

This is the first graduating class for new trainees in San Antonio. Graduation concluded with a pizza lunch.


Christmas Winter Adventure

We spread our Christmas cheer by bringing Santa in for a family photo day for all employees. 

Military Appreciation Month

Current and veteran military service members when recognized for their service.  They were presented with a GlowTouch Challenge coin and certification of appreciation.

Twin Day

Agents celebrated twin day in San Antonio with fellow agents inspiring morale and commonality.

India Events

Team Bonding Olympic Games

330+ employees from different departments and grades came together to participate in various activities. The energy, enthusiasm, and bonding are quite evident in the photos.

Yearly Blood Donation 

Blood Donation Camp was conducted at GlowTouch Mangalore Office. More than 100 employees flocked into this camp. Among them, 66 employees met the necessary criteria and donated blood. We tied up with Kasturba Medical College Blood Centre to conduct this full-day program.

Festival of Colours Handprints

A fun initiative to celebrate the festival of colours in the India Office. A kiosk was set up outside the office building with vibrant colours and a blank banner. Employees painted their hands and left their imprints on the banner. This activity was conducted to signify the prominence of colours in the form of activity.

Training Session on Fire and Safety

As part of the employee safety project, a training session on Fire and Safety and a mock drill session was conducted. GlowTouch partnered with Arya Fire and Safety Agency, an approved agency to conduct a session on how to safeguard oneself and their colleagues in case of fire emergencies. 450+ employees participated in this awareness and safety initiative.

Dominican Republic Events

Cinco de Mayo Activity

For Glowtouch, happiness is eating tacos with your dream team. We celebrated May 5th with music, games, and of course, tacos. It was a fun day. VIVA MEXICO!

Earth Day

For Earth Day, Glowtouch visited the National Park Humedales del Ozama and planted 120 trees on the protected reserve. There are wetlands and mangroves on the sides of the Ozama River, including the Los Flamencos and El Manatí lagoons.

Visit to Madelaes Girl’s Home

We went to wear a smile and ended up receiving it. A wonderful day together was spent with the Madelaes home girls. The donation of not only food and sweets, but time and quality was given.

Valentine’s Day

We celebrated love and the value of friendship. It’s not the gifts that make this day special but, our best friends and some chocolate make it special.

Philippines Events

Bahay Aruga Halfway House

Big or small, we can make a difference. Through this activity, we can pursue achievable and good long-term goals that can help improve the lives of people.

Fashion Week

Celebrating PH employees’ creativity using recycled materials. It takes a great deal of creativity and commitment to contribute to saving our planet and having fun at the same time.

International Day of Happiness

This activity celebrates the happiness and well-being of our employees. See the smiles and contentment with what they do? Because here at GlowTouch, we put people first.

Saint Patrick’s Day

Learning and enjoying different cultures like this Irish celebration in a creative and fun way.

Event Videos

Creating Opportunities Through Impact Sourcing

Growth cannot happen without the people needed to facilitate it and as the BPO industry grows, the talent search has intensified. One offshoot of that is looking toward potential pools of labor that were previously not considered – the underserved populations, the ones whose skills may need to be developed, and those who may require a deviation from the status quo methodology. In a time when corporate social responsibility has moved from the conceptual to the strategic, impact sourcing is an effective tool for disrupting the often-cyclical nature of poverty by introducing a factor often missing in certain demographics: hope.

A hidden but essential benefit of impact sourcing is how it lowers attrition, a common industry concern. Creating career tracks for people in distressed communities also has a contagious effect. When one person’s situation changes, others in similar straits believe that they, too, can be successful, but it takes employers willing to give untested individuals the opportunity.

We have used this approach in onshore and offshore locations and have been rewarded for it with committed and loyal individuals. Remote personnel in rural areas far beyond commuting distance have meaningful work, people from economically challenged communities have a path forward, and next-level opportunities have emerged.

For instance, we have partnered with the Department of Defense to create hiring initiatives for military dependents. We also independently introduced a program called SALUTE, whose primary beneficiaries are military spouses. This group is not disadvantaged by the standard definition, but spouses face frequent career disruptions due to family transfers. This program alleviates that stress by making jobs portable.  

SALUTE Partnership with MSEP

Once You Have Them

If finding good people is the leading talent acquisition issue, then keeping them is a close second. We have worked to become an employer of choice and have a monthly retention rate of 95%. In addition, our top recruiting channel is employee referrals. This did not happen by accident. During this period, several initiatives were implemented to fine-tune the recruiting process so that we are targeting people who want to be in this industry, to improve training so that they have the tools needed for success, and to give them reasons to stay.

The COMPASS Program of career mapping, particularly in the agent-to-supervisor pipeline, is a critical element of being able to promote from within and maintain stability among service teams. As the company has grown, several agents have been able to apply for and earn promotions to the supervisory level. COMPASS creates a formalized atmosphere with its book of knowledge with the things that agents will need to know if they are to make the next career step. It’s a self-paced program, and participation has increased as agents see their peers being promoted.

A second initiative is PRO – people, retention, opportunities – focusing on the early stages of the employee lifecycle. As we dissect program performance, this does likewise with the hiring and training processes, specifically looking for issues that might cause a new hire to drop out before graduation. We typically hire a few more people than a program calls for since it is not unusual for a few people to decide that this industry is not for them. Labor is often the biggest expense for any organization, and a revolving door is the worst kind of sunken cost.

Pay is always an issue in the BPO industry and we have worked toward offering above-market wages to the greatest extent possible. The COVID period caused a revamp of hiring, with many in-person events becoming virtual. That component remains, but there is also a shift back toward some of the previous methods – campus visits, live events, and a Walk-in Wednesday approach in the Dominican Republic where qualified applicants are interviewed on the spot.

Week Of Wisdom (WOW) Training

How many companies include Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in their training programs? We believe the customer experience is more than resolving issues and answering questions. Before any client-based product or process training begins, every new agent undergoes an additional week of instruction – at our expense – on how to create “wow” moments.

The training outlines the impact of high-quality customer care: how it deepens the connection between brand and user, how it contributes to customer retention, and how it creates cross-sales and upselling opportunities. There are three points of emphasis:

  1. Impressions: as brand ambassadors, agents are the faces/voices of our clients. Agent behavior sets the tone for how end-users view their preferred brands. Recognizing the impact of customer care that goes beyond solving the problem of the moment creates a mindset for building brand loyalty.
  2. Electronic handshake: this is often missing in contact with customers. It starts with a greeting that conveys enthusiasm to resolve the issue, addressing customers by name and building rapport to put them at ease. This paves the way for discovery questions that get to the heart of the issue. Actively treating the end-user as a person changes the dynamic of a service-based conversation.
  3. Active engagement: demonstrating empathy, hearing what customers are saying, paying attention to tone and tenor, probing to understand user needs and motivations, and recognizing sales opportunities.

Training extends to language and the power of using the right words and phrases, how inflection and tone matter, and actively listening. It also touches on empowerment and how individual agents balance advocacy for the brand and care for the customer.

We also have a training methodology that facilitates a service-to-sales pivot among agents. Sales and support are not interchangeable, but they are complementary. Within a contact center, no one is better positioned than the agent to recognize a sales opportunity. This is not to create a pure sales channel, but rather, to naturally extend the existing relationship between the support agent and customer. Doing this for a global web hosting company led to a more than 1700% increase in per-contact revenue.

When a customer contacts us, odds are that person is unaware of existing products that might be helpful. It is up to the agent to create awareness and provide the user with the knowledge needed for making an informed decision—no pressure, no coercion, just an extension of understanding the customer. The agent is educating and informing instead of selling.

This approach is well-suited for the mental makeup of support personnel and mirrors much of what they already do. It also dovetails with their introductory week of training on the value of the user experience, the importance of active engagement, and the value of listening to the voice of the customer.

WOW Training Modules

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