The Benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote infrastructure management (RIM) is quickly becoming a solution that companies rely on to lessen the stress of maintaining and improving their IT assets. Improvements in technology such as better bandwidth, high-quality connectivity, greater automation, new security technologies, and proactive enterprise management have all allowed for more efficient and cost-effective RIM.  This means that users and IT teams can be connected to networks and systems seamlessly from across the globe, with scalable capacity that can be adjusted as needed. In general, the RIM of today helps businesses like yours become leaner and more responsive.

It is important for enterprises to reduce IT spending so that they can stay competitive. Now that RIM is accessible for more than just the largest of organizations, the benefits can be seen across the board. The costs of purchasing enough space, having enough power, and maintaining a skilled staff can be mitigated by RIM because it lowers operational costs.

Process improvement is another area where RIM really shines, as access to cutting-edge tools, technical expertise, and optimized methodologies create the ideal service structure for your business needs. In addition, service levels are visible and consistent. And you can expect a lower risk of IT failure because of how much RIM infrastructure has improved in recent years. You’ll benefit from 24x7x365 monitoring and maintenance because your staff can focus on core business processes. In short, you can meet your growing technological requirements through customized solutions— without overspending on IT.

You may be surprised to learn just how many of your infrastructure support functions can be managed remotely. Though some IT services are more easily outsourced than others due to skills, availability and proximity requirements, CIO provides this encouraging data:

Infrastructure Support Functions that can be Managed Remotely

  • Network services: 80%
  • Internal help desk: 75%
  • Servers: 70%
  • Maintenance: 60%
  • Administration 35%
  • Mainframe: 30%
  • End-user devices: 15%

The following are more of the benefits you can expect when you deploy RIM:

  • You can access individualized services depending on your specific requirements. This means that you can choose what you outsource and what remains on-site.
  • The cost to outsource maintenance is lower than keeping a separate IT department for that purpose.
  • Vendors for RIM can provide tech support around the clock and usually have dedicated teams assigned to each account.
  • Service providers often perform infrastructure analysis as part of their offerings. This can help you identify and eliminate issues in your current infrastructure, improving performance and optimizing for success.
  • You will have access to patch management and upgrades as needed.
  • Because there is less dependency on internal IT resources, both system availability and uptime improve. RIM service providers have relationships with multiple service providers, ensuring that there is constant server uptime as well as network redundancy.
  • The latest technologies available will be part of your ongoing network system strategy.

There are many benefits of remote infrastructure management, so it’s easy to see that the practice makes good business sense. To learn about how you can make the most of your resources through RIM, email us at

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