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A leading provider of web-based email and collaboration services has over close to one million hosted mailboxes across multiple brands. Their client list includes prominent service providers, publicly traded and private companies, academic institutions and nonprofit organizations.

As a result of their rapid client growth, this web services company required a specialized integration solution to meet service provider expectations.

Delivering the Latest Features to an Expanding Client Base

01 The Challenge

The provider required modifications to their existing APS package that would allow bundling of email and smartphone services.

02 The Solution

GlowTouch worked with the client to update their current APS package to meet the needs of their customers.

03 The Benefit

They were able to meet and exceed the needs of their quickly growing client roster.

01 The Challenge

As a result of their quickly growing client roster, this web services business required a specialized solution that catered to a specific large service provider. Just like GlowTouch, this company is intently focused on meeting and exceeding their customers’ needs. This required their current APS package to enable the carrier to modify the features of the email and smartphone services, in order to bundle them into existing and new cloud service packages.

02 The Solution

Their APS 1.2 package performed several new functions to satisfy their customers’ expectations. Additional functionalities included:

  • Two different levels of mailbox provisioning
    • Basic Email
    • Basic Email
  • The ability to upgrade or downgrade a mailbox from Basic to Premium
  • The ability to enhance the storage of a specific mailbox
  • Auto create an Administrator account during account provisioning

The team recognized that GlowTouch was the best fit to update the package and knew they could fully utilize GlowTouch’s extensive APS and Parallels knowledge base. The two teams actively met and GlowTouch was able to quickly identify and execute the solution to implement the required APS functionalities. GlowTouch collaborated frequently with the client to discuss the progress of the engagement and make adjustments as the project progressed.

Today, GlowTouch continues to consult with the client regarding APS and Parallels support on an as-needed basis for client implementations and troubleshooting.

As a follow up to the original APS enhancements, GlowTouch recently built new features into the APS 1.2 package. For example, we added a custom logging feature that logs all API requests and responses from the APS package to the client’s system. This benefit enables the client’s own team to troubleshoot complex problems and issues within the service provider’s environment.

In addition, GlowTouch built a custom error handling feature that ensures data integrity from the customer to the client’s system. This feature filters out false information and allows good data to be processed; cutting down on support costs by eliminating invalid email accounts.

03 The Results

The numerous APS package enhancements that GlowTouch successfully executed allows the client to better support their customers and streamlines the APS package for future customers. GlowTouch made it possible for the web services provider to maintain their high level of customer satisfaction by delivering the project within budget and on time with no issues.

GlowTouch and the client remain close business partners, collaborating on various projects.

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