We’ve become a core extension of our client’s QA team, guaranteeing the quality of their all-in-one Online Presence Platform.

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A leading global provider of white-label web services and business communication tools serves thousands of small businesses planet-wide. Through their proprietary Online Presence Platform, business owners can easily build and manage their online presences, including their websites, email communications and other marketing communication assets. Given the crucial business nature of their online software tools, they must constantly maintain excellent quality throughout their products — no small challenge, given the wide range of software included in their all-in-one Online Presence Platform.

We’ve not only provided reliable QA and saved the client money, we’ve found ways to innovate with test automation.

Full-Service QA Testing. Problem-Solving Approach. Affordable Resourcing.

01 The Challenge

Our client has a large suite of diverse products requiring unbiased QA testing and problem-solving for complex quality control challenges.

02 The Solution

We provided a skilled team of QA analysts to augment their existing team, become experts in their business, and creatively solve QA challenges by evaluating both the big picture and the details.

03 The Results

Our team of QA analysts has been with the client for more than three years, helping them successfully launch and maintain a range of products and innovate with automated testing processes.

01 The Challenge

Their business-critical software means every product must serve core customer needs. Every line of code must work as designed. And every product must provide continuous uptime. As the client first developed and launched new products, part of their process has long included in-house Quality Assurance (QA) procedures. As their business grew, the coverage and complexity of their software also expanded. Now, their individual business clients even sometimes require QA testing for their specific implementations of their Online Presence Platform.

QA for this expanding environment is a tricky business. It requires not only technical software knowledge and a strong understanding of product-market fit, but also the ability to evaluate code free of assumptions and biases that often guide the software development process. A good QA team not only understands and addresses visible bugs, it also objectively evaluates the big picture, spots inherent assumptions and uncovers issues missed in development. This company realized they needed a partner. And not just one that would robotically review lines of code for errors. They wanted a reliable third-party to meet schedule and budget demands, work closely with their in-house QA team and approach QA testing from an unbiased, problem-solving perspective.

02 The Solution

We provided a highly trained and experienced team of QA analysts to augment the in-house QA staff and work in collaboration them. While adopting our client’s protocols and processes, our analysts became experts in their products, business model and customers. We’ve integrated and provided QA services for their control panels, applications, websites and business email software. In the process, we’ve taken on a range of key responsibilities, including:

  • Performing functional (smoke, system, and ad hoc) testing
  • Providing regression (detailed and regional) testing
  • Preparing and executing test cases
  • Preparing test strategy documents
  • Reporting bugs and re-testing bug fixes
  • Adhering to an agile methodology with 2-week sprints for all processes

03 The Results

Through the course of several years, we’ve helped our client successfully launch and maintain a wide range of products for their Online Presence Platform. They needed defects anticipated, assumptions challenged and quality mastered. And we’ve delivered. As our client’s needs have increased, we’ve met them — by tripling our dedicated QA team over time. We’ve not only provided significant cost efficiencies with an India-based, U.S.-managed team, we’ve also found ways to innovate. Today, our focus is changing with our client’s needs. We’re increasingly implementing test automation to help them continue growing and serving their customer’s needs and expectations.

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