The Value of Chat

The Preferred Channel by Customers, Exceptional ROI for Companies

We wanted to provide a simple approach that explains the value of chat to customers and companies. The good news is that it is great for both.

Clearly, chat is the preferred channel for customers, because it’s quick and easy. Your business can benefit from lower costs, increased loyalty, and higher sales. This win-win value demonstrates why there’s growing demand for chat.

The Best Channel for Customers

Why are customers more satisfied with live chat (73% favorable), compared to email (61%), and phone (44%)?

The Answer:

Chat provides a live person with the speed and ease they want. When asked, 79% of customers said they prefer chat because questions are answered quickly; 51% because they could multi-task; and 46% because it’s the most efficient communication method.

If we dive deeper, email has a long turnaround time, which may involve several correspondences. The phone channel provides additional challenges, like finding a company’s phone number, being subjected to an interactive voice response (IVR) system, long wait times, putting up with script reading, and longer overall interaction times. There are too many time-consuming challenges, as compared to chat. Customers want a rapid, simple solution that provides answers they need from a real person.

If customers prefer chat, it begs the question: “Why aren’t many companies providing it?”

Demand for Chat is Growing

Today, it’s estimated that only 33% of companies are offering live chat to their customers.

Chat has been around for years and is a proven channel. GlowTouch believes that most companies haven’t adopted live chat because they don’t fully understand its benefits. Many perceive that it’s difficult to set up and manage.

Although there are different nuances, live chat is similar to phone support. It still uses live agents, queues interactions, and has many comparable metrics. More companies are discovering the ease of chat for customers and their business, which is fueling its recent growth.

Another factor influencing chat’s growth is that customers are going online more frequently, expecting to interact with and purchase from companies. It’s estimated in the next two years that 59% of companies will offer live chat from their websites.

Outstanding ROI for Companies

Customers are telling us they prefer that channel over any other method. Therefore, companies are responding by investing in chat, and they’re realizing tremendous benefits from their efforts.

Chat Costs Less Than Phone Calls

Companies have discovered that chat is a lower cost channel compared to the phone. Typically, live chat costs 50% less.

Two major factors influence cost savings: First, one agent can chat with more than one customer at a time, which is known as concurrent chats. Although we recommend against high multiples of concurrent chats, it‘s very common for an agent to handle two or more chats at a time. This factor can account for most of the cost savings.

A second benefit: Phone calls are usually longer than chats. Shorter interactions mean the same staffing levels can handle many more customers a day—that’s good for the company and the customer.

Chat Improves Customer Loyalty and Sales

It’s proven that customers are more satisfied with chat–and higher satisfaction promotes customer loyalty. Market intelligence states that it costs 10 times more to acquire a customer than keep one. Therefore, customer loyalty is critical to a company’s bottom line.

Another vital live chat statistic: 63% of consumers reported they’re more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. This is another way live chat promotes and reinforces loyalty.

But did you know chat brings tremendous opportunity to also increase sales?

It’s true:

  • Customers who use live chat have a 10% increase in average order value.
  • Live chat also increases the conversion rate by 40%.

Increased sales are the largest opportunity companies overlook when considering live chat. Don’t leave money on the table. Influencing the right customer behavior is the key to your business. You want to entice them to a first purchase, have them stay with you, and then buy additional products and services from you.

Customers are saying they want live chat–if you give it to them, they will give you more of their business.


It’s easy to see that live chat provides an outstanding return on investment (ROI) for companies. It costs 50% less than phone calls, customers are more satisfied with it, and they reward you with a greater amount of loyalty and sales. Customers say live chat is the easiest and fastest way to interact with a live person.

It can’t be overlooked: Live chat is a sure win-win solution for both customers and companies. See the PDF version of this blog, The Value of Chat.

Check out our infographic: The Value of Chat: The Preferred Channel by Customers, Exceptional ROI for Companies.

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