Customer Support

Customer Support Channels

How to Select the Right Customer Support Channels for Your Company

Your company may have an exceptional marketing department, but if support and overall customer experience are lacking, your product or service will not achieve maximum results.

Training Your Support Team

How to Train an Elite, Efficient, Effective Support Team

Support agents work with the most important people in your business; strive to ensure that you have the right team for the job.

Impact Sourcing

The Impact of Impact Sourcing

It is a BPO model that focuses on hiring from economically disadvantaged populations, and there are five reasons why it is becoming increasingly relevant.

Occupational DNA

Occupational DNA

Finding good people is a major task for BPOs, particularly in manning contact centers, and a focused effort requires more than reviewing resumes and conducting interviews.

Did You Ever Accidentally Hire a Good Employee?

Turnover is an on-going issue among BPOs and the best remedy for reducing it is through hiring that focuses on job fit.